Rare Venus Transit

This rare Venus Transit, blessing us with so many opportunities to LOVE, has inspired my own interpretation.  This aspect is meaningful because in many ways, the planet Venus is the KEY to life here on Gaia. Venus represents love, values, appreciation and women.  So, combined with the powerful Lunar ( the Moon also represents women and the feminine) Eclipse of the Sun in Gemini, women and the way we love becomes the major focus in this world until the next Venus transit of the Sun in December 2117.

This is powerful stuff and not to be taken lightly.  We women have the ability to LOVE unconditionally because we give birth and the fierce, protective, supportive, inclusive, nurturing, healing, overpowering and UNCONDITIONAL love that we feel for our children is the model now for both men and women.  Women are the teachers now. Women with the unconditonal love energy are being thrust to the front of our global culture.

There is a striking difference between emulating the same competitive, isolating, greedy energy that has controlled this planet for millinea.  That energy is destroying our beautiful blue/green home. This is not the new energy embodied by this rare Venus Transit. This is the grand departure of that energy.

This is exciting, exhilerating and timely!!! The opportunities to radiate the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ENERGY will now become the priority in all of our lives.

The dominant male patriarchal energy will not be ecilpsed by aggressive feminism.  The unconditional love energy is not aggressive and has nothing to prove. It is not vengeful. Unconditional love includes, forgives, heals, builds community, is family oriented and gives.

Women love men and men are changed forever when they encounter unconditional love. We women have power to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and that power is amplified now by this rare Venus Transit.

There are many men and women walking among us who embody this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE energy. Seek them out if you are not sure what unconditional love looks like. Then, why not demonstrate OUR power to everyone we meet.  Why not see this as a daily spiritual practice? I am talking to men and women here.  Just think if everyone did this?  Every minute of the day.  No matter what happened. What if everyone and everything was treated with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?  What if the question- What would love do? was the first thing we asked ourselves in any situation? Remember, you are the miracle. Be that!



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