Scorpio Supermoon

 Potent times are upon us. We are releasing all the old so the new can fill the space that is left. The more we can let go of any past circumstances, decisions or experiences that no longer work for us, and that means in most cases: people, places and things, the more at peace we will be.  The more space we create for the new way of being that we all can feel coming as the May eclipse cycle approaches.

How do we know if we have really released enough? If we are still in pain, in some way, this is the indicator that we have more to release. There is no need to judge ourselves or others, it is just the energetic signature of the times we are in. We can resist the changes or flow with them, allow them to wash over us and thru us on their way to somewhere else. The harder we try to hang on to people, places and things, judgements, outdated ideas and pain of any kind, the longer the duration of our struggles.

This means if something wants to go, let it. Mostimes, this seems painful yet if we can look past the pain we can arrive at the other more positive emotions involved like relief!  We can even get to a place of freedom from pain.

This Scorpio Supermoon is illuminating the fact that we are, as a global collective, leaving the need for pain.

These are exciting times, if we embrace change. The Golden Age of Peace is not a fantasy. It is real and on the way. First, however, we must shake things up in our world, be fearless, decide to be joyfuil and grateful as we move through massive changes. There are so many positive  new things to see and experience in our world because the world is becoming more heart centered. Look for these things. Revel in these things. Look for the new ways, let the old ways pass. Be willing to help usher in the new heart centered ways as the old need for pain inside and outside you is released.

Be excited. Be hopeful. Walk in peace and BE a light for others around you who are just catching up now because all they see around them is chaos.  Know the truth in your heart and spread it around. Remember the ancient ways are the most powerful ways: walk your talk!


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