Scorpion of Light

When we first moved out here we had to do alot of things to the property, straw bale houses and build a garage. We put in base board tiles in the main house and I think the tile guys left the door open and a huge scorpion crawled in.

It is my experience that everything wants to come inside. The Arizona desert can be unforgiving!

One night after an exhausting day of property maintenance, Kenny and I looked up as we went to bed and discovered the big scorpion trapped in the light fixture/ butterfly fan above our bed.

As you can imagine I was mortified. We tried to get him out yet the light bowl was too deep.  We really had no other choice but to go to sleep and turn on all the fans in the hot, late summer night.

We slept with this huge scorpion above our bed for three nights then he managed to get out on his own yet was nowhere in sight.

After a long cool shower, I padded into the bedroom to find him curled up on the comforter on my side of the bed. Actually, if I had not sensed him there, I would have sat on him wrapped only in a towel. I screamed for Kenny who came running with a broom. I had to grab it away from him and instruct him to get a thick towel, wrap the scorpion in it and toss him in the garden.

You see, after three nights with the scorpion overhead, we both had communed with him in the dream state. He wanted and deserved to be outside in the garden.  He had been respectful of us while we slept so we were respectful of him after his very busy and longass journey down from the light fixture.



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