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Wow! Its 2015 and I am reviewing what I have learned, so far, by living in Sedona. I have been here since August 2009.

The first year was a wash because Kenny and I were fixing up the property, discovering our Northern Arizona area which includes Flagstaff, Sedona, Cornville, Cottonwood and Prescott. Each of these different climates, groups of people and landscapes are almost like entering different countries, yet no passport is necessary!

I was also recovering from the death of my mum and could feel her with me many days.

All was starry eyed wonder till November 2011 when my nine year relationship seemed to end abruptly, yet on reflection, not really. The trauma of caring for my mother, with Alzheimer’s or advanced old age dementia, had changed the love relationship to frenemyship many years previously yet we both felt too guilty to move on at that time.

After he left, on Valentine’s Day 2012 and believe me it was a gift for us both, I really began my work here!

I was immediately inundated by men, women, children, dogs, cats, horses and even cars for storage and a sprout business needing to live or stay or operate out of my home for one reason or another. I immediately stopped talking about myself, my home, my business, my love life, basically everything.

Lesson #1 – Shut up and listen.


Mostly, I was listening to myself offer up too much information to strangers and I had to contemplate why I thought I needed to do this because it always worked against me! I practiced saying less and listening more. Not asking invasive questions and leaving space in the conversation made for some uncomfortable encounters at first yet now I only attract those who do the same.

Lesson #2 – Act differently to attract differently.

This way, I am discovering my boundaries and limits which are personal, individual and unique to me. Only me, myself and I can discover them.

Now it is only the beginning of 2015 and already people are pushing at my boundaries and limits yet I am calmly intuitive and see the great humor behind all this crazy action. I can deflect them now without being defensive or resentful because it’s rarely about me!

Finally, I met another great guy and am practicing all of this on him. Of course, he in turn is practicing all this stuff on me! So, we laugh and cry then laugh again!

Lesson #3 – Laugh and cry alot everyday!

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