Series on Psychic Development

This is the first installment of my series on psychic development.  As a spiritual counselor, I have had many requests for this information.  You must understand the level of commitment it takes to achieve full knowing, feeling , hearing and seeing, yet these accelerated times afford each of us an easier ride towards our true gifts and unique inheritances.  Many blessings to you on this sacred journey of the Ultimate.  Journey where everyman is intended!


Everyone has the same DNA structure and we have entered into highly trans-formative times.  Our abilities are more readily available if we know how to induce them to come forward.  We all have these abilities.  Advanced knowledge through feeling, knowing, hearing and seeing are called the four clairs.  (ie- clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience , clairvoyance)  It is these four advanced abilities that we will focus on in this series.  There are many others, of course, yet without these basic openings the other gifts remain dormant.

These accelerated times are like doorways opening to shed light and love on our true inheritance.

Let us begin with the cleansing process that is necessary to be able to open these four abilities.  The cleansings will be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Physical Cleansing

Most of us are aware of the direct relationship between food and psychic ability.  Sure, many Gurus have said that they can eat and drink whatever they want and I am sure this is true for them–NOW.  At the beginning of their spiritual journey it was different.  Many of them fasted for long periods of time.  I am NOT suggesting  stringent fasting in a cave.  What I do suggest are careful food choices and a progression toward lighter fare.  We must draw light into our bodies.  Light exists in fresh fruits and vegetables.   So, these choices must make up the bulk of our diets.

Food is the basic and most overlooked component in psychic development.

Most of us know that alcohol, cigarettes and drugs of any kind (including over the counter drugs) block our inherent intuition, psychic abilities and punch holes in our immune system and etheric shell that let in dark energies.  Our food choices are the next level of prevention.  Excessive sugar, caffeine, meat and dairy put out a denser energetic field around our bodies also.  They are not as harmful as the aforementioned yet block our expansion, intuition and can even effect our moods.  This is the first step in the cleansing process necessary to achieve psychic development.  Few people are willing to monitor their food choices.  This often feels like dieting and is viewed as offensive yet the results can be instantaneous and very rewarding not to mention benefit our overall health.

So to clarify becoming a vegetarian or vegan, consuming less sugar and caffeine and choosing minimal dairy products is step one!

Also, fresh fruit or gentle juice fasts lasting a few days can also be beneficial if there is alot of medication trapped in our cells from years of abuse or multiple surgeries.  However, I recommend supervision and caution here, as deprivation of any sort leads to disaster.

As a companion to shifting out food choices, there are a multitude of release therapies available to help speed up the cleansing process.  Gentle massage, hatha yoga, thai chi, acupuncture or acupressure, dancing, walking, hiking, swimming, running, are just a few.  Every activity should be done gently, without force, so as to become a friendly habit that the body can enjoy daily.  Longevity is the name of the game here.  Sustainability.  So, to that end, alot of water with lemon is also recommended.

To finish this physical cleansing and prepare the way for enhanced psychic performance, there is one last step:  blessing and gratitude for our food and our bodies.  This must happen each time we eat, fast or exercise.  Blessings and feeling gratitude for our food and healthy body lead to the next stages of psychic development in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

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