Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A long awaited and anticipated time is here for us in 2012. This eclipse of the full moon in Gemini. So, much has been written about this because it is soooooooo potent. So much action in the heavens surrounds this eclipse.

I actually think this weekend is a great introspective time for all of us on this beautiful planet we call home.

Many things are about to change in our lives.  How we think, feel and speak things into being is very ripe now. Our actions become secondary to our thoughts, feelings and speech so it is important to take a few moments now.  Let’s really think about how we communicate to ourselves with our thoughts, to others with our words and to our bodies with our feelings. Communications of all kinds are up for us to examine for this next six month period ushered in by this eclipse cycle, which includes the Lunar eclipse on June 4th.

There is so much angelic guidance available now so contemplation, meditation and active daily spiritual blissaplines are important for this blessed connection. Whatever you believe in now, even if you believe in nothing at all, prepare for personal and global happenings. We are on the fast track, as a global village, to the next phase of developement as spiritual beings residing in human bodies on Gaia.

This is all exciting and liberating yet not without growing pains. Just like any birth, it can be joyous and painful at the same time! The best way to enjoy this process is to let go and let your angels and guides or your God do the driving. Let Spirit take the wheel!

This is a growing time of seeking value and meaning in our lives, our familes, our friendships, our work, our marriages, our play and where we live. So, communication really is the first thing that needs our attention if we are to realize value and meaning, deep peace, and constant celebration in all these areas of our lives.

Relationships of all kinds ARE the deep, constant resonating source of BEING on this planet. How do we manage them all? Is it more imporatant to have fewer connections that are more meaningful? Is the face of social networking superficial because we cannot possibly have deep connections with that many people or is there a balance that we have yet to find?

There are millions more single people in this country now than ten years ago. Is marriage obsolete now except for financial reasons and children? Aren’t there many different kinds of marriages and relationships that work? Can’t we open our hearts and embrace a different way of looking and being in relationships whether they be love relationships, marriage, children, friendships, workmates, frenemies or ex-whatevers?

How we communicate or commune with each individual or group of people is what we must consider at this time for optimal results. Are we communicating with love in every situation? This eclipse throws down the gauntlet and challenges us to do just that!



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