Spiritual Cleansing


This step is often done first.  Often a workshop or a meditation prompts further spiritual exploration either for relaxation, health reasons or conscious pursuit of meaning in this lifetime like a vision quest.  Meditation is the great spiritual cleanser and fortifier.  This can be achieved also in movement as a meditative walk, gentle yoga, tai chi, chi gong and many other spiritual practices that are delved into on a daily, serious basis.

Spiritual cleansing becomes necessary for soul growth and craving for meaning can overpower the daily life of an initiate.  An initiate is someone who consciously searches by reading, workshops and sometimes even needs a guru or master teacher.  This spiritual searching and yearning is really the ultimate reconnection with our own core essence.  It can take many years or can be like a light bulb instantly illuminating your true being.

For each this becomes a personal journey and once started you cannot return to who you once were.  The forward motion of spiritual growth is powerful and creates a purpose to your life.  

Spiritual cleansing often leads to service of some kind because our true purpose on this earth is always to be of joyful use to others.  We are cleaning away the layers that hide the light of our souls.  This is the true purpose behind spiritual cleansing.

Remember, meditation is the key to spiritual cleansing.  Active or stationary or both.

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