Spiritual Superiority

I live in an incredibly gorgeous place, Northern Arizona.  The diversity of climate, terrain, animals and waterways is astounding and I am forever grateful to have landed here.

The diversity of people is astounding also.  People come through Sedona from all corners of the world and are drawn here to live in the beauty and energy of the land. Most are visiting tourists and here for a vacation, retreat, to recharge, rejuvenate or simply hike in the vortexes.

Others have grown up here, some have a second, third or fourth house here and others live here temporarily.  In the three years that I have been here, I have gotten to know all sorts of people and am finally feeling comfortable here. Let’s face it, relocating is stressful and time consuming so decompression sometimes takes longer than you anticipated.

One thing, I have experienced here, in a greater proportion than anywhere else I have lived in the world, is a high level of spiritual superiority. There are so many artists, musicians, writers, channels, psychics, ministers, chaplains, councelors of all types and healers of all kinds in Sedona. Plus, most everyone does some or all of the above very well. So, there are many creative, open and fabulous people in Sedona and more come to give workshops and lead huge numbers of others here from other parts of this country and the world.

There are a vast number of different spiritual organizations in Sedona.  So, many that I would need a directory to name them all. Something for everyone and believe me nobody is left out!  So much spiritual diversity is a great thing. Plus, the exceptance level of any faith is high yet there is one alarming thing going on here and I am praying that it is just a phase. I am sure it is also going on to some extent in every area on the globe.  Spiritual Superiority!

Spiritual superiority seems to be defined (please let me know if you have a better definition) as thinking we have more enlightenment than someone else and it is our job, whether paid or not, to let them know this!

I really understand why so many people end up as hermits out here because this behavior is rampant and very shaming, blaming and confusing. Most of us know we are all in this together. Most of us know we each travel an individual spiritual path and that we will all end up in the same place! Together! As One! United!

Jose Arguelles said that ‘…nobody is higher than anybody else. ‘

My feeling about all this is that there is some sort of desperation in another if they have to prove to you, by belittling you, that they have all the answers and you are deeply flawed.  If someone tears you down, in any way, they are demonstrating that they don’t love themselves.  When we are full of love we wish to share it. We want everyone to FEEL GOOD.  The rest is just some game to get something from you: money, ego gratification, someone to do their laundry, cook and clean without complaint, the list goes on and on!

There are many ways we human beings manipulate each other. The word ‘spiritual’ can be used to justify alot of bad behavior.  For example a typical Sedona story -A man sleeps with his boss while living with his girlfriend of many years.  The girlfriend finds out and asks him to move out of their house. He won’t go until he and his boss can get a house together. This takes months and months. The man manages to manipulate the girlfriend into compliance when he relates that his boss responded after many delays and complaints from the girlfriend, “I thought she was supposed to be a spiritual person!”

Someone who is truly full of love will never make someone else feel ashamed, judge them or manipulate their feelings so they can stay in control or use the “spiritual” card to justify bad behavior!




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