Spiritualizing Politics

This morning a great friend sent me this link www.sistergiants.com and Marianne Williamson’s Huffington Post article given just after the election on Nov 6, 2012. In it she talked about how bored she is with the current state of politics. She is doing something about that today starting with a great conversation with women about how to change and spiritialize politics.

Wow! I am impressed and interested, at last!  All that praying we all have done is manifesting into something and women are leading here in this unlikely arena as well!

So many of us have dropped out the system because we realized that we cannot make a dent in a broken politcal system. Many of our friends have had huge debates with us about the importance of voting. Yet, here in Arizona, (just one example) all the votes are still not counted and local candidates have conceded without really knowing the facts. This state is just one of many where the cogs of the political machine no longer run smoothly or at all!

Now, this is not my area of expertise at all yet I think the political system has to die to let something else rise out of the ashes. Let the phoenix rise in Phoenix andin every state!

Please check out the sister site and read Marianne’s article. We can make a difference if we start a new conversation then action follows.

I get chills just thinking about the possibilities available to us as this Solar Eclipse in Scorpio approaches. We can rock this world! We got this!

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