Surfing the Divine

The win528181_10201879055965537_1537892726_nds of change are ablowin, yet again!

Full moon in Sagittarius illuminating a deep Mercury retrograde in Gemini brings issues of these astrological poles to light. On top of this action, we have a retrograde Saturn heading back into Scorpio and Neptune ruling the skies by squaring many major planets. What does all this mean?

Are we just gathering and disseminating information or are we really getting to the heart of, and really understanding, some important issues in our lives? Have we consciously slowed down to Surf the Divine or are we being rolled in the ocean of our lives and scrambling to come up for air?

Are we victims or co-creators??? Are we complainers or problem solvers? Do we accept the challenge of everyday life or are we constantly hiding in the myriad distractions supplied by questionable sources. Are we grateful for the juiciness of our lives, no matter what happens next?

These are just a few things to ponder as we travel through June 2015 on this full moon cycle.

Living heart centered lives is the challenge of this time. Moving away from over-thinking everything, everyone, and ourselves into feeling our way through our lives is taking major precedence.

Collectively, we are creating a new human species. We are evolving with Gaia and the other kingdoms of beings, animal, mineral and vegetable, who share this lovely, blue/green planet.

At this moment, the other earthly kingdoms seem to be collaborating and vibrating at a greater and faster and pace than we. Let us catch up to their level of kindness and Divine Grace by listening to our hearts. Let’s allow our hearts to lead our way through this new, unknown and very exciting territory called the Golden Age of Earth.

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