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Mystical Possibilities

148211_10203062620397512_660410231_nAccept the Mystical Possibilities
Finding ourselves on the raging rollercoaster ride of the New Moon in Cancer, prelude to the Blood Moon/Blue Moon at the end of July 2015, we are challenged to let go of the old, outmoded behavioral patterns in our lives and enjoy and be grateful for what is in front of us right NOW!

Whatever is changing and morphing in our lives is just clearing the way as the angelic gates open, on July 26th to Aug 10th, to fill the empty spaces with amazing new possibilities!

We are entering new territory on the inner and outer planes. So many amazing new green technologies are appearing daily to change the outer landscape of our lives. We must step up our own flex-ability and adaptability to become our best selves. Those around us are just strengthening that resolve by demonstrating the very behavior we are moving away from in these defining times.

We must look to those examples of integrity, honesty and authenticity that will appear in each moment now when we seek them out. Mostly, those examples of these qualities will come from ourselves!

The drums of destiny are beating in our lives!

This new moon in Cancer is bringing up the deepest blocked emotions within us to feel and release.Acceptance is key now, for to realize our true worth is to integrate every experience into our being and not judge it as good or bad.

This is where all our Angels and Master Guides are divinely gathered around to help us through this process. Please call on them to help clear and ease troubled hearts and minds. We are opening and clearing our hearts and minds to prepare for the Lion Gateway that appears as we fall into Leo and cross into the last Blood Moon of four at the end of this month.

Destiny calls us very loudly at this time. Embrace it!!!


Here we are, after crossing the Autumnal Equinox, on the New Moon cycle!  The BRING cycle!  The ‘get off the couch and get things done’ cycle!  Do you feel lighter and happier?  We have entered into the friendly, sociable, fun air sign of Libra which is ruled by VENUS!!!  Love, love LOVE!

Partnerships of ALL kinds are acomin, already here or some are under scrutiny!!!!  We have till October 8th to enjoy the social activities that may fall into our lives or we may feel so good that we initiate them.  It is time to get out there and shine with new found discernment earned over the past few weeks.

As Eric Hutchinson says, “Ya gotta run real far before ya ever get close to home!”  We are close to home.  Know that.  Feel that.  Keep goin, persevere!!!

We are traveling on an evolutionary time line as a global society.  The DIVINE timeline!  We gotta laugh through this, stay in a high (literally) vibration or we could get caught in the downdraft.  The easy, (HAHA) common, pedestrian journey.

It’s takes real work to climb up and there will be setbacks (challenging astrological influences) yet that’s the interesting, uplifting, joyful, heart centered and fulfilling journey.

So easy becomes painful and difficult and challenging becomes rewarding NOW!  That is the new status quo, my friends.

What does all this have to do with partnership???

The recurring theme, illuminating through the cosmos for the entire year, has been that of LETTING GO!  Now, we all can think of this in different ways because we are individuals yet there is one commonality.  ACCEPTANCE.

When we let go, we accept circumstances, people, places and things for what they are right NOW, in the present moment.

Especially in partnership of ANY kind we see the other for what they are right now, we accept that, and then use our newfound discernment to realize where they fit into our lives.

We are looking with new eyes at partnerships.  We are then challenged to use compassionate words in all situations.  Or no words at all.  Holding the space for others is powerful at anytime.  Most can then hear what has just been said if there is space.  Words hang in the air of Libra.  Loving moments happen if we let them!

Caviate: Merc Retro falls on Oct 4th, PEOPLE, place and things return for review!)

Enjoy the rarified air of Libra.  “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.”

21st Century Spirituality

(This is the extended version of an article I wrote for Kosmos online journal.)


The energy generating 21st Century Spirituality is each individual taking responsibility for their own personal growth and evolution.

The days of following gurus of any kind are over.  The days of letting someone else, no matter their world stature, dictate who we are, what we want and how we should be, are over.  We as a global village have so much information at our fingertips that we each can make our own deep, personal discernments about what is right for us.  Taking responsibility for selecting healthy foods to eat, healthy positive relationships of all kinds and creative inspiring work that makes a difference and is personally rewarding are all offshoots of taking care of ourselves and putting our own well being first. This basic task of taking responsibility for our own happiness right now, instead of waiting for someone or something to do it for us, is a huge key to 21st Century Spirituality.

We are seeing a radical departure from huge organized religions headed by a few questionable individuals impersonably shepherding large congregations as if one size fits all.  21st Century Spirituality leans toward self-empowered, self-realized, pro-active smaller groups of like-minded people who share ideas, support and inspire each other in positive, healthy ways to contribute to their communities.

Who are the teachers of this 21st Century Spirituality then?  Anyone carrying the energy of unconditional love is a teacher now just by showing up and radiating this very misunderstood energy. Why has it been misunderstoood? Unconditional love has no agenda.   Throughout time, the people who have consistantly embodied this energy, are mothers. More women will take center stage and assume important roles in the world.

Sharing and supporting each other is 21st Century Spirituality. We see this online in all positive aspects of social networks. Nobel prize winners and great minds of our time are offering free online classes and degrees so everyone in our world can be educated, prosper, contribute and be abundant.

Authenticity is the catchword for 21st Century Spirituality. Be yourself. Find out who you are, then be it fully. No excuses.

Inclusiveness is 21st Century Spirituality.  Everyone, no matter what race, sex, color, weight, age, or financial status can be, do, or go anywhere they please now because acceptance is on the rise.

Being grateful is 21st Century Spirituality. Gratitude practices are becoming the norm.

Co-creating is 21st Century Spirituality.  For those of us who have peeled our onions and found our inner voice, leading with our intuition instead of pushing to make things happen, becomes a way of life now. We draw others who are also doing the same thing, form groups to hone and ground our growing intuition with the help of Spirit. The fifth element becomes heightened in our lives when we choose right relationship to ourselves, others, the planet and all beings. Right livelihood appears naturally at this point. Everything is being re-jiggered  in all areas of life all over the world so we can connect more powerfully to the fifth element- SPIRIT!

We human beings are expanding exponentially and at such a rapid rate that worlds are splitting and colliding before our eyes. This is just the beginning. The wise way is to slow down on the inside to stay grounded as the pace picks up around us.

The energy of Unconditional Love embodies 21st Century Spirituality. There are no words to define it. We will KNOW it, when we FEEL it.