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The Aftermath of the Supermoon in Aquarius





Alert!!  This is a me, me, me blog!

The last giantorific Supermoon in Aquarius hit me hard in a fabulous way.  It was the full moon conjunct my own 12th house moon in Aquarius. 

I felt this Supermoon the weekend before it grew to its zenith on August 10th.  Wow, was I energized!  My sleep patterns were very sporadic, less sleep needed, and everyone bombarded me from all corners of the globe through my website , email, Facebook, Pinterest, phone, and in person!!  Sometimes, random drivebys or walkbys.

Finally, I had to set aside a big project and  “Get out of the House” because my internet went down, my phones stopped working, my DVD player broke and my sleep number bed was on every number but the one I usually slept on. The ‘princess and the pea’ syndrome!  (Most everything came back on its own after I got the Divine message!)

My other big Divine message was “Shut the Fuck UP” my new ebook!!!!!!!

I’m having too much fun here so let me just say that there are times when you just have to let go of everything and have a party.  This SUPERMOON illuminated the party for me.  FUN!!! Dance!!! Sing!!!

Blessings to you on your own energy ride as we move further into this stellar moment in time, don’t miss it!!  Things will sober up after August 22/23 when we Fall into Virgo.

For right now, ENJOY!