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The Aftermath of the Supermoon in Aquarius





Alert!!  This is a me, me, me blog!

The last giantorific Supermoon in Aquarius hit me hard in a fabulous way.  It was the full moon conjunct my own 12th house moon in Aquarius. 

I felt this Supermoon the weekend before it grew to its zenith on August 10th.  Wow, was I energized!  My sleep patterns were very sporadic, less sleep needed, and everyone bombarded me from all corners of the globe through my website , email, Facebook, Pinterest, phone, and in person!!  Sometimes, random drivebys or walkbys.

Finally, I had to set aside a big project and  “Get out of the House” because my internet went down, my phones stopped working, my DVD player broke and my sleep number bed was on every number but the one I usually slept on. The ‘princess and the pea’ syndrome!  (Most everything came back on its own after I got the Divine message!)

My other big Divine message was “Shut the Fuck UP” my new ebook!!!!!!!

I’m having too much fun here so let me just say that there are times when you just have to let go of everything and have a party.  This SUPERMOON illuminated the party for me.  FUN!!! Dance!!! Sing!!!

Blessings to you on your own energy ride as we move further into this stellar moment in time, don’t miss it!!  Things will sober up after August 22/23 when we Fall into Virgo.

For right now, ENJOY!

Magic Cosmic Council

The full moon in Aquarius dawns this morning, at 11:15 am PST, after we enter the sign of Leo and are emerging from the shadow of Mercury retrograde in Cancer.

These are potent, exasperating, thrilling, mystifying, confusing, illuminating, magically exciting times.  Yes, we got it all going on!

This moon is electric if we can manage to stay in a steady, high vibration.  It will very likely project erratic behavior on those around us who are being moved to examine every part of their lives.

With the enhanced Grand Water Trine opening doors at mach speed and the Lion Gate energetic initiation setting the stage for two weeks, starting July 25 through August 12, we have major opportunities right now.

We are being given the BIG cosmic message to step up, speak out, go for it!!! Make our dreams happen!!!

Here is the rub.  Right after this huge energetic opening, the Lion Gate on July 25/26, we have a tense weekend of conflicting aspects which could cause some longstanding issues in our personal lives and globally to rise to the surface.  This is why we have to talk about how to stay in a high vibration – no matter what.

It seems to me that a very great question being posed at this time is –

‘How do we stay grounded, stay in a high vibration and flow through massive changes that will just intensify through 2015?’.

Here is the short list:

Stay close to nature, get our body moving outside.

BE what we desire, BE_DO_HAVE in that order.  Get clear about what we want.

BE grateful for EVERYTHING!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Write, Share, Create Community, Love, Laugh!

Embrace change, love it, want it, see this time as magical and know in our hearts the people, places and things that fall away will make space for more aligned people, places and things in our lives because our dreams WILL manifest at an accelerated pace.

Know that we are individuals going through the gauntlet of change at our own pace, in our own way, in our own time.  This is really about owning ourselves, being sovereign and looking within for answers.

Way back in the day, the initiation we are about to receive globally would be accomplished in the great Pyramid or an underground labyrinth or within a sacred rock formation.  Back in those ancient days, only a few were considered masters.  Today we are ALL masters, ALL initiates, ALL ascending!!

You have heard of matching pitch, right?  Well, this initiation is all about matching the vibration of your desires.  The astrological alignments are here to assist us with this.

IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICE NOW.  What we say, think, feel and do create our world.  This is why two people can have such different experiences at the same time, in the same place.  We get what we give.

We are so privileged to be on the earth at this time.  Revel in it!!!!!

Full Moon in Aquarius

Stunning image of AZ from Pinterest
Here we are at the Aquarius full moon. This moon focuses on our growing and changing values concerning relationships of all kinds.
Our Relationship to our planet Earth.
The groundswell of concern for the Earth, our home, over financial gain has become a heartwarming and very necessary reality now. Just seeing all the amazing things that we creative human beings are implementing to lighten our footprint on Gaia is inspiring and glorius. This moon speeds up that intense need within us all globally to do more to protect our home.
I am involved with many others on Pinterest:  a massive social network that can be used many ways for many reasons yet I have seen and been apart of many amazing things on there. It is all about images which speak to us all at a very core level. Words can be, and have been, misinterpreted or used to judge and condemn. A simple image is so powerful because it moves to the core of a person’s soul to evoke a reaction in that person all his or her own without commentary that could push an unwanted emotional button. I am focusing on what is very right with this concept. Imagery is powerful. Art is powerful. The images of pristine nature and all its beings are revered, collected, swapped out, repeated again and again and travel around globally on Pinterest. It is mind boggeling and shows me that we all treasure, honor and want to protect our home so very, very much.
Our Relationship to Others
The way we relate to each other is changing.  The need to BELONG and find like-minded people to listen to us and laugh with us has reached a fevor pitch. It may seem that there is a grand polarization of energy globally at the moment because everyone is making a decision whether it is conscious or not. We must let go and gravitiate toward those who support our well being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is actually very simple to do this when we first meet someone. Our feelings tell us all we need to know. Yet, it is more difficult when we have made commitments and have to watch family members walk a different path from ours. Let go without judgement now.
I have spent many years listening to what is not being said to arrive at the few words that can be heard in difficult situations. The emotional charge on most of these out of control situations clouds our judgement then we make rash decisions instead of waiting and calming ourselves to see the broader perspective. Yes, these can be explosive, emotional years till 2015 if we choose to take that painful  unconscious path.  We can blame others or do inner work on ourselves, master ourselves by taking responsibilty for our own happiness, harmony, peace, joy, LOVE! This is called SPIRITUAL MATURITY. This is our global challenge at the moment- SPIRITUAL MATURITY!
Our Relationship to our Work
This is called right livelihood. Usually, we can tell if we are in the right line of work because it makes us happy. We are energised every morning and very grateful to be compensated monitarily for doing what we love. Most times we are helping other beings, Gaia, animals, people, in a positive way. We are making a difference and our work is rewarding. We feel that deeply in our hearts and souls. Sometimes, this looks like caring for children which is the most important and most difficult job on the planet! Let us think about this now.
Our Relationship to Ourselves
I have written about this in many other posts. It all boils down to this simple question- Are we joyful and grateful every moment? If not, what will it take to arrive at this? We can keep cycling through people, places and things yet we are always faced with ourselves in the end. We can keep hitting walls or start the real inner work and make the outer journey more graceful, easier, fun!
Our Relationship to the Divine
To start the inner work, or continue it, we need to connect to the Divine within us. This is the light path. The graceful path. The joyful path. The only path NOW! This brilliant, altruistic full moon in Aquarius provides more training time to help us think with our hearts and act on our intuition. Life is a circle of connecting with the Divine, which facilitates thinking with or hearts and acting on our intuition, and NATURE is the greatest place to connect with the Divine.
 Live in the splendor of this moment by Singing and Dancing under this moon! Let’s celebrate it!