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Mandatory Evolution 2016










As Above, So below!

Power packed planet lineups, massive solar flares, blasting forward after a heavy Mercury retrograde propelled by a Leo Full moon all mean step up your self-knowledge and contribute wherever you can!

This year 2016, is a completion year of inner and outer healing.

We, as human beings, must heal our inner destructive habits to insure the outer healing of our dear planet.

The urgency to evolve is seen all around us as pollution of our natural world escalates, climate change is proven as a scientific fact and even Stephen Hawking predicts space exploration to find a new home planet! What?????

We are resourceful and very creative. This Leo full moon shines a light on the many possibilities open to us. Let us make a healthy commitment to Gaia to restore her pristine beauty.

The stars are talking loudly if we slow down and listen. Please listen.

This can be a life affirming year, a shift year into healthy Earth management. This is an Earth revolution, an ECOLOGICAL revolution.

We have a serious choice in 2016 because, whatever the outcome, it will propel us into the next nine year cycle which begins 2017.

Let’s vote with our dollars and simplify our lives to live in harmony with Gaia. This is the year that we change the destructive tide to one that heals and restores ourselves and our dear planet!


Full Moon Imbolc


As we immerse ourselves in this highly emotional Leo full moon cycle, that has shades of Cancer threaded though it, we approach Imbolc. This is the pagan Celtic celebration of midwinter dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigid.

The magical daily round, our daily routine, is highlighted here since we had a very SLOW January start to this year 2013.  February portends a burst of energy and power as we move more fully into this year that shines a bright light on teamwork and community.

Jupiter has turned direct and now abundance is becoming more readily available day by day. The introspective quality of January gives way to action, movement and celebration.

Honoring the seasons is ancient and a way to stay connected to the earth, Gaia, our nourishment, our home. Looking at our home holistically is another celebration in itself because it is a gentle and caring environmental approach to living.   Actually leaving lighter footprints on our home is a decided and deliberate statement of caring for Mother Earth.  It is the best New Year’s resolution we can give ourselves, our home and all other beings who reside here.

So this reminder, this celebraton of midwinter, this Imboc is yet another environmental statement of a kinder and gentler way of living.

Let’s embrace it and enjoy our daily round, our daily rituals because they are about to light up with the magic of Brigid! It is time for new ideas and new models while transitioning from hierachy to equality.