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November Promise

 The furious October ride continues in November as the holidays approach at mach speed.  This first week of November is a celebration of ancient Celtic lore as we pass Samhain and dance into an earth-centered fall where the veils between worlds are transparent.  Get your feet into the earth!!!!  Ground into the lusciousness of life!  The great turning is happening around us as the trees express in colors of red, orange and yellow.  The lower chakra speak.  Take time to connect, love and enjoy Gaia, our home.

 We are moving past the partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse new moon cycle which pulled in many new brilliant opportunities for those who did not strain, push or muscle them into being.  We have entered a new evolutionary cycle where worry, stress, complaints, gossip, addictions ect. ect. just bring more of the same.  Flow is the name of this new game.  Letting go and moving out of the way so the Divine can work through us is the only sane path left to us now!

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 6th heralds in November in a dynamic way.  Here we recognize our true worth as individuals.  Having a healthy sense of self-worth radiates out to the world and pulls in many fabulous people, places and things.  We become magnets of good.  We become beacons or LIGHT~ houses, as we let the Divine light in our souls co-create our lives.

It is time to find what we most value in our lives;  Be that and do that.

The solar flares, which were intense the last week of October, are down loading a new way of being on Gaia.  For those of us sensitive to this amazing energy, slowing down has been necessary so we can actually receive this information! 

This is a power packed time of great illumination, green technological breakthroughs and personal empowerment.

Revel in this new energy!!!

Full Moon in Taurus

We are all in preparation as we pause momentarily to regroup then head into the magical alignment of stars on December 21, 2012.  This full moon in Taurus/ sun in Scorpio axis prepares us by focusing our attention on the ways we give and receive.  We must achieve a balance within ourselves in all areas of our lives as our DNA morphs and we climb in consciousness to wonderous heights. Let’s stay grounded!  This full moon in Taurus helps us with its earthy, Mother energy that connects us to Gaia, our planet Earth.

This full moon cycle prepares us to go inward for the final period of Mercury retrograde and the last powerful eclipse cycle of this year 2012.  It also ushers in Samhaim. This is a seasonal ritual based in celtic tradition that honors the earth cycle of death, fall, the turning of the leaves, the storing of the nuts, the preparations made for hibernation. Samhaim is celebrated on the same day as Haloween and there are many related and intertwined stories between the two. Yet, traditionally, Samhaim is an Irish/ Celtic Harvest festival celebrating the coming of winter.

Back to the moon, we have a slowing down time here, a real grounding time, a time to connect with the earth and with our true values.

This will not be the time to zoom forward with projects for we are already feeling the energy of contemplation. The energy of reconsidering our motives and want we truly want.  This full moon in Taurus prompts us to consider our inner-most values. If we have been moving so fast that we have lost our way or our values seem to have changed, we must slow down and honor ourselves and our feelings now.

We are all moving into a state of balance. It may not appear that way as you look around you, yet this IS happening. There will be no ending to our world on the outer, even though it may appear very different to us soon. We are resolving and ending our karma. We are moving out of the state of duality which has existed on this planet for millinea. This is no easy overnight wake-up where we are all existing in LOVE!  It is a process. One which we all are part of, whether we are conscious of it or not.

This is a ripe, juicy passage! Let’s prepare the inner landscape of ourselves. Mother Nature will take care of the outer landscape. Let us prepare by accepting that we have been everthing and everyone on this planet many times over. When we finally accept this, there is no need to forgive anything or anyone for what has happened to us in this lifetime. It all becomes a cosmic joke. We can laugh at our folly then change direction and experience something else. We can experiece the Mastery of those many lifetimes we also have stored in our DNA. We are the co-creators and co-pilots of our own realities. God-dess is within each of us waiting for our conscious partnering. This IS the preparation time, the time of rememberance for true co-creation were there are no limitations.

What will THAT look like?  I get high just thinking about it!!!