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Mystics without Monasteries



There is a growing population of mystics living in your town, neighborhood and even in your home! We are all evolving to become mystics living a multi-dimensional existence.  Mystics see the magic in the world through communion with the Divine.

This very full moon in Virgo illuminates this fact and the science behind it. We are being propelled toward the first eclipse season with enormous full moon energetic boost and constant sun flare activity.

This is a very magical time. February 25- March 6 is a staging arena where we may feel some tension and overwhelm yet, if we give in and flow, we will experience high magic in our lives.

Working the Virgonian values is so ripe that we are constantly confronted with the choice between perfectionism and the ability to flow, discrimination and judgment, working to pay the bills and true service, abundant health through positive thinking and health challenges enhanced by negative thinking.

Staying grounded is paramount as we hurtle toward the eclipse season. Checking in with ourselves to walk barefoot on the earth, breathe deeply or just rub our knees when we feel light headed are simple habits to incorporate during our day.

This is a powerful year of completions that uses the Chinese Fire Monkey symbol to make humor and joy the high road to complete this last year of a nine year cycle of evolutionary proportion. We can use the Virgonian values to anchor better choices for ourselves as we move into the next cycle.

Root into the messiness of life for there lies the magic! Land in your body because this is a systemic and practical revolution of consciousness.  We are moving to higher dimensions and taking our bodies with us!

Let’s also work on our psychic hygiene. This means monitoring how stimuli, aka television, cable, movies, radio, facebook, twitter, books, newspapers, blogs etc affect our energy. Are we energized or depleted after doses of the above? It is very important to balance this technological era with the natural world. Virgo is an earth sign so celebrating Gaia whenever possible is the magic of this astrological sign.

Remember as we travel into the higher concept of Oneness that all life is golden. Many blessings!

Fully Mooned

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So, I met a friend up at the Starbucks, on the full moon in Virgo, here in upper Sedona. I have not seen her for over three months, as she had been in SoCal going through yet another life change. In a cozy corner, she had made a lovely nest for us to chat. We were both jazzed to see each other. Our excitement gathered some lovely Australians as she retrieved a lost travel guide for one of them. They joined us sooner than later for a chaotic gabfest amid maps, destinations and extremely loud music. We were literally screaming at each other. Fast forward to goodbyes. At the end of all this, I find my hat gone missing.

I have many, many, many hats, being a white woman with blue eyes and fair skin in Sedona Arizona,( or AridZoneA! ) yet, this hat was an expensive one that I wore especially to honor my friend. She used to work at the shop, a few doors down, where I bought it.

After checking my car, retracing my steps, asking the Starbucks crew about it and worrying my friend needlessly, I was faced with the fact that someone had snatched my hat. WOW!

This is amazing to me, because after traveling the world and having hats blow off my head into water, dust devils wearing my hat in vortexes, friends leaving town with my hats and giving so many hats away over my lifetime for the fun of it, I realized that this was the ONLY time that someone had ever stolen one of my hats right behind my back! Hey, if they had asked me, I would have given it to them!!!

I’m sooo over the damn hat. The blessing is in the meaning behind this chaotic event itself.

So, what does this all mean??


It is All about the crown chakra and literally changing hats. The sun needs to enter our bodies through the top of our heads. Hats off!! Wear my hat with the missing crown!! Teeeheeee, no crown for me!!!

Sungaze also. Veddy, veddy early sunrise sungazing………. ever so safely.

This is an ultra-amazing time. Let’s get out of the chaos into nature, take off our hats and sunglasses and ‘Let the Sunshine In’ to our beings!!!!!

The SEVENTH and last Pluto/Uranus square is perfected on March 16 and then we have the VernalEquinoxPiscesNewMoonSolarEclipse on March 20, 2015.

$$$ Get ready for a power punch upgrade like never before in ANY lifetime!!!!!

Here comes the Sun, little darlin, here comes the Sun and I say, it’s All RIGHT!!!

(PMS Hi Carina and Mary!!! Non- hat snatchers!)

Full moon in Virgo

By now we all know what is good for us and what is not!  We can end the cycle of feeling bad about ourselves because of poor choices now.  The energies of this full moon in Virgo can help us do this if we slow down and feel into ourselves daily.  We are on the high road to the spring eclipse season.  This one is VERY powerful.  This is a controlled ascent to higher dimensions within and without.

The watery energy of Pisces is also upon us as we flow around our boulders of obstructions just like a river.  Pisces can herald in MAGIC.

With Mars retrograde in Libra until May 19, we may feel frustrated as projects stall.  This energy is here to strengthen us in one particular area.  This is individual and dpendeny upon wher this transiting Mars falls in the astrlogical chart.  Mars can fortify us as we hurtle toward the eclipse season if we allow it.  Let’s stay mindful of re-occurring dreams and situations.  Let’s take up this March-in Martian challenge.

This full moon in Virgo heightens our Body Speak.  If we don’t listen to ourown body needs now, we can fall ill.  Spring cleaning!  For most of us, this is a waste of energy so it becomes important to find alone time so we can check in with ourselves daily.  More sleep becomes necessary as we need rest to process and fortify ourselves.  This is imperative now.  As the end of April approaches, we must be rested to receive fully the energies of transformation and ascension that are coming.  This is a crucial year for the evolution of Gaia and all beings upon Her.  Please take ritual time to acknowledge this!

Stay mindfully in the present, grounded in LOVE, accepting and grateful.  These simple qualities are the cornerstones of this movement into higher dimensions which bring forth the GOLDEN AGE of peace, harmony, abundance, joy, community and celebration. 

And so it is…………….. Blessing to you all on this miraculous journey!