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Courage to Shine

This New Moon in Leo is all about living our life purpose and creating through our hearts. 

We have moved through the global detox, called the Lion’s Gate spiritual opening, to prepare for the peak moments of this new energy.  Full culmination and integration of these new Solar/Lunar codes will continue throughout August including another bookend Merkabah star formation.  Exciting, huh?

Most people, I have heard from, run the gamut between ‘bouncing off the wall’ high energy and deep personal energy drains with necessary napping during the day.  This is all normal behavior when we are receiving large doses of light that will literally change our DNA and re-wire our minds and hearts.  We are morphing globally!

How can we do all this and carry on with our busy days?

Let’s stay in touch with our body wisdom.  Our bodies tell us what to do and what we need at every given moment.  All we have to do is listen.

Back to this startling New Moon in Leo.  It is time to shine.  The asteroid Vesta is in close conjunction to this new moon nudging us, with the paw of the Lion, to focus on our life’s purpose.  This is the time.  Doors are opening now.  Be a light.  Be in service.  Be in your joy, that is your purpose, that IS your mission.  Embody your star consciousness.  Get out there.  Share yourself.  SHINE!!

Roar with the heart of the Lion.  Live from essence rather than ego. Increase the capactity for LOVE.

These are magical times of empathy, accountability and altruism and we are so privileged to be here on Gaia to share, witness and activate these angelic qualities into the mass psyche.

***Many very spiritual people have been appalled at the things they have been releasing, things that they thought were already gone from their being.  This period of time is a very deep cleansing and we must observe with detachment, embrace and then release our feelings in that order.  This practice will help you with others who act out around you also!