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Earth Day 2015






Now we are on the new moon cycle, entered the beginning of the astrological year and have set our intentions for 2015, the fun begins!!

We now have a grand opportunity to practice staying in the 5th dimension or prophesied Golden Age. Oh yes, it is already here just waiting for the mass consciousness to enter by raising Gaia’s vibration.

The interesting news is that all the other kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal, are far beyond us in the vibration department. We, the human kingdom, are the ‘wild card’ factor because balance is needed within our kingdom. Most of us are still swinging the pendulum!

The great news is that the growing multitude of awakened souls ARE going to create the hundredth monkey syndrome and tip the balance of humanity into the fifth dimension. The energetic quickening is helping us!

The past is done and over. Let it go in gratitude!  We all live in the LOVE~ly Now. Let’s set our intention for every moment. What we experience depends on ourselves. We co-create every moment with our Higher Selves; the spark of Divinity within each of us. Even the mundane can be overlit by glorious intention so our day is magical.

Going outside everyday and speaking aloud to everything you see, touch and hear could be an enlightened practice for all.  This includes acknowleging our angels and guides as we gaze into the glorious skies.  Those who have chosen to safely sungaze will find the energetic speedup is empowering us even more with this amazing practice.

Let’s stay very connected with Nature, our master teacher and guru for this millennium! Earth Day is Every Day! Blessings to you!

Heart Centered Moon

We are now completely out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde,  shaking off the remnants of the Cardinal Cross and we have crossed into a forward moving Saturn!  This all foretells of a positive, more graceful August.

Manifestation will be easier and quicker so we must pare down what we wish to create.  Our creations will take on heart centered Leo love energy, providing goodwill for all, when we focus attention on it.

Shifting goals into personal and global lists can be a powerful way of manifesting for ourselves and the human tribe at large.  We are expanding, evolving and are very powerful when we learn how to FOCUS.  This new moon illuminates energy on the needs of the entire world in a heart centered way because it falls in Leo.

What are we creating that is heart-centered?  Have we examined our compassionate nature?  Do we love what we do every day?  Can we feel our hearts expand to include others in a more meaningful way?  Do we live in the now?

Expectation is a tricky devise.  Being open to realize and work towards our goals as they shift, turn and sometimes detour, is just part of the wild ride of life.  Most times those big detours are created by our angels and the Divine in our own hearts to help us grow.  So let’s have a grand time and make it all Funtastic!!!

Lighten up and enjoy Summer!  Major blessings to you!!!

Love is in the Air!

Solar Eclipse/ Scorpio New Moon

4:50 am and Daylight Savings Time

***************** ~ <333 ~   *************************

This is a grand turning point with a rare hybrid Eclipse in Scorpio sitting on the New Moon today.

We received the theme of 9 on last Friday’s fourth Uranus /Pluto square.  There were so many aspects and planets positioned on the 9th degree, the day itself was a nine, and this theme resonates in everyone’s personal astrology chart if you have planets hanging on the 9th degree.

The number 9 explores the themes of completion, healing and invites the harvest into our lives.  It is the end of a great numerological cycle that ends in 9 then reboots over and over in our lives.  Bottom-line : The ancient Chaldeans believed that we live our lives by cycles of 9!

Because of all this nine activity in the skies and because this is 9 year for me as well, I have done alot of research into the number nine way before the above happenings.  Here is some bottom line info that may be helpful.

Nine is the number of service.  Words that break to a 9 are:


By respecting the Law of Love and Service and practicing humility we are turning passion into compassion.

More words breaking to 9 are: DIVINE TIMING, THE HUMANITARIAN.

A complete cycle of growth has been attained as we move past the number nine and we, as a global civilization, are motivated to take the next step in understanding the Self in relation to the Divine!

A global graduation is happening right now!!!  Let’s Celebrate!!!!

*A small caveat about HUMILITY.  To keep growing we must protect that which we have gained.  Let us look to the real, grounded people who have actually moved our civilization forward sometimes without fanfare, fame or riches.  Let’s remember: “The Higher ya go, the harder ya fall.”

The real goal, in this evolution game, is to allow the DIVINE to work through us so wherever we are… we Radiate Love!!!!

The HOPE and PROMISE of this Eclipse is to create new foundations for further growth on higher octaves.

How much LOVE do you put into what you do?

The new moon is surfing our atmosphere today.  This period of time, roughly the next fifteen days, has a busy, get down to work vibe. Yet, now is the time to consider how much love we put into what we do everyday.

Out actions define who we are. We are challenged now to make a difference in every action we take.  Whether small or large, our daily actions tell the story of our lives.  We are what we do, think, feel, say. Let’s stop a minute and consider how we represent LOVE in our daily actions.

This New Moon challenges us to change our relationship to power.

Hasn’t the old energy of rushing, pushing, worrying and judging constantly drained us of our real purpose to transform everything into LOVE? Hasn’t this draining energy deflected our commitment to the truth in our souls? Hasn’t this negative approach to getting things done distracted us from evolving as human beings?

The feminine energy is rising on this planet to meet the masculine and join it in a balanced way so neither is overpowered by the other. To really absorb this new energy and feel energized by it instead of drained,  we must stop pushing, battling, forcing. We can join gently with this dynamic energy by allowing, flowing, being present, forgiving and most of all by being in gratitude as much as possible.

There is so much magic on our planet now as time shifts and dimensions collide. We can tap into this magic by flowing with the changes that the intense solar flare activity stimulates into high gear. We have a two year period ahead of us of fast, furious changes.  These can be exhilerating if we tap into the magic within every situation. Let’s do that. Commit to that. Bring it!

Let’s look at our day and find the LOVE in every action we take. This can be challenging or a fun experiment that livens our day!

How will you bring more LOVE into every action you take today??


New Moon in Cancer

The new moon has arrived. Yet, we must be conscious that  Mercury retrograde is in full gear now plus the Mars face-off with Uranus square Pluto! What does all this astro mumbo jumbo mean?


Take a look at this handy chart circulating on Pinterest. ( Not just an online shopping mall/social site, ya know!) This chart is very important. There we are at present, far left new moon and water element. The new moon in Cancer is moving respectfully and mindfully toward the full moon in the air sign of Aquarius on August 1st. You can actually configure your day, month and year by this little chart. The blissaplines of Respect, Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love are the go-to words of this millinium.  This new moon in Cancer brings our emotions to the surface so we can toss out the dross then choose these qualities to achieve peace and harmony in our lives.

We all resonate to the elements and nature. Nature is the Divine in our lives. That small voice that is now becoming an inner roar can be heard more clearly in pristine places. The cathedral of Nature beckons to us all, NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!

We are all initiates doing the Earthdance. We are all evolving, consciously or not. When we invite the Divine into our lives consciously, we are asking for a graceful passage through these excelerated times. Yet, we must be willing to give up our attachment to pain, which is the unconscious path.

This new moon in Cancer can be very emotional and turbulent, a violent storm of brewing feelings.  We could be brave and dive in.  We have a grand opportunity here to submerge ourselves in Divine waters. It takes restraint, patience, focus, commitment and a great sense of humor to embrace this amazing adventure we are undertaking together on the conscious path. Of course, it sure beats the pain of sleepwalking through our initiations if go the other way! The lazy way. The unconscious way.

We are shifting from conflict to collaboration. It starts on a personal level then spreads to every corner of the globe. Baby steps! We are in a crash and burn so we can re-build period. Some things must end first so the new can emerge.  Anything that does not resonate with the Divine Love Principle goes. To flow like water through these changes we can embrace the Divine in all aspects of our lives for a graceful, joyful, harmonious life. Lets think about the changes we all need to make and plan during this time for the next big push in August. Blessing to us all as we stir the pot to create magic!!



Powerful February

 Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle celebrating Imbolc / Candlemas and the Chinese New Year of the metal rabbit!!!  Wow, lot’s going down.  This is a powerful time, we have just entered, where consciousness will move forward every 20 days if we allow it.  This means we all need to:

  • Slow down our personal lives and work lives. 
  • Listen more than we talk.
  • Take time for ourselves whenever possible.
  • Firm up personal boundaries.
  • Learn the ancient art of timelessness.

As far as our personal lives go, we are entering a sweet year for finding that perfect someone or strengthening the bond we already have in our love relationships or marriages.  All this is accomplished through gentleness, sweetness, allowing, listening, honesty and simplicity. 

On the world scene, things look wild and anger is rising when inequity is the law of the land.  Watch Egypt, they are leading. 

Justice, compassion and peace are stoking the triple fire of revolution in our relationships, in the work place, in our towns, cities and all countries on our green/blue garden planet home.

The revolution is green as well!  For our planet and all her creatures, including us, are not only crying out for change now, every being including the earth itself, is acting out, dropping out, figuring it out, taking action!!!!  The energetic fires are burning brighter as we cross further into this year.

For those who think there is not enough time in a day to get anything done, I have a suggestion.  A little tip for now and the upcoming times is learning and mastering the ancient art of timelessness.  Sit quietly and imagine yourself inside a giant, shimmering crystal of swirling energy.  Breathe deeply and affirm that you are in the flow of abundance NOW!  This can be a short, few, quiet minutes stolen at your desk at work, or on an escape to the restroom during a stressful meeting, a needed pause during housework, in the parked car or when you are stuck in traffic, even during a fight you can wrap yourself and the other in this shimmering crystalline energy and breathe through it to achieve a win/win outcome.

Let’s flow with the incredible leaps in consciousness now available if we become peaceful, gentle, loving beings who appreciate the earth and her creatures.

Love your life, appreciate every moment and laugh and love as much as you can every minute of every day.   Always ask yourself ‘what would love do?’, when faced with a challenge.  Choose love.  Be Love!!

The New Moon – June 12, 2010

EarthcareAre we walking our talk? Are we living out truth? Have we arrived at ourselves yet?

It is time to stop and really ask ourselves what is important at this time.  Are we completely submerged in getting ahead, achieving, competing for our share and judging others who are not in the consumer game portrayed in the media?

Do we forget to be kind? Are we gentle with others and ourselves? Are we still looking endlessly for thrills and excitement?

This moon will accentuate values. The lag time between thought and manifestation is accelerating. Our thoughts become things sooner so it is time to really listen to ourselves to understand what we are creating.

It is time for a nature walk. Pure information is more available now yet it is being broadcast in the quiet, natural surroundings that are becoming the only positive places left on this planet. Indulge your senses in the natural world. Pure intelligence awaits you. Intuition sharpens, as you leave the digital world behind.

This moon introduces new perceptions of reality.

This new moon in Gemini focuses on communication with ourselves, with others and intuitive, divine communication. Let’s receive Earth wisdom and realize that our amazing green Gaia and her animals, plants and minerals are vastly intelligent. They are waiting to communicate that wisdom to us. Are we ready? Their wisdom and grace does not include our stunning consumerism. The concept of ‘more than one needs’ is not in their vocabulary. Let us ask ourselves why we are never satisfied with what we have. Why having and striving for ‘things’ has eclipsed simple ways of life that are all inclusive and achieve healthy balance. Simple living benefits every being on this planet and Gaia herself.

Remember that thoughts are prayers now as we cross into this new moon. What are you praying for?