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Easter 2010

After years of giving tarot, palm, energy, crystal, sound, bodywork and astrology readings I am convinced that there is nothing to heal and nothing to teach.

You know on many levels what you need, who you love, what you want and who you trust. I have learned to step out of the way and hold a space for you so you can actually slow down and hear yourselves.

I use powerful deep listening to achieve this. I have opened many levels of psychic tools within myself. I see, hear, feel and know things on a deep level and I share these insights objectively.

We all have many gifts and are in different stages of developing them. As we travel further into this millennium, all of us will have greater and greater access to our original DNA. This in turn will give us access to deep gifts that have been buried within us for years. You may be feeling the presence of these gifts now!

I am available as a guide or mentor to help you usher in your true soul qualities and find your own individual TRUTH.

Please give yourself a gift and enter into a dialogue with me.

Blessings, Lindy