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New Moon in Libra

 The ongoing theme of forgiveness takes on new meaning when we apply it to all our relationships as this new moon cycle unfolds.  We may find underlying emotions drifting to the surface now to be released. We may wonder if our over-reactions to minor infractions are not based in previous unexpressed anger, resentment of trauma of some kind which we repressed knowingly or unknowingly.  This is all excelerated by swift moving energetics of planets moving into different signs, planets in multitude of aspect, and another Uranus/ Pluto square.   Fast-track evolutionary processes hurtle us, as a collective, toward another powerful eclipse cycle in November and the great shift point on December 21st, 2012.

We may be over- mediaized about all this. Yet, undeniable change is happening in all our lives and in every aspect of society locally and globally.

The grey area between the polarized opposites in each of us is our NOW point.   Just as we swing the pendulum back and forth to find our aliveness, it has come time to rest in the center. Ground in the center. BE in the center.

From this center point we can be objective, see others truly, see ourselves truly and forgive everybody including ourselves.

We are in bodies. We are human. Sure, we are morphing at an excelerated pace yet to avoid spinning out of control, going ballistic and slamming doors on everyone and everything we could slow down. Take a chill pill. See this time as the great opportunity that it is. Feel into it. LOVE this new energy. LOVE ourselves into this new energy.

Here in Sedona, the ego gets a bad rap! So many tell me that they have rid themselves of their ego yet are standing in a body before me!  How is this possible? We need our egos to remain in body. Maybe, it is just symantics and they mean they have refined their ego! This makes more sense because we are all in the process of refining our egos now, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Humbling issues around relationships could be viewed as just this, ego refinement. When it is all said and done- How do we react?  Do we use kindness towards ourselves and others or are we still trying to prove something to ourselves and others?

This new moon in Libra serves up a great helping of relationship issues. She lays them lovingly on the cosmic table! Our job is to forgive and refine our egos no matter how these issues look in our lives. We are challenged to create win/win situations.  No easy task!

Let’s be ready for our relationship challenges and meet them head on. Life is just a circle.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad.  Just better choices. Mature choices. Calm choices. Patient choices. Humanity is growing up, is all!  Its not that serious! Forgiveness involves humor. Let’s laugh at our antics and those of others and see the irony that is this glorious LIFE!

(This fabulous image is from Pinterest by Catherine Welz-Stein)

Listening to Inner Guidance vs Driven by Ego

These days are very intense for most people. Yet, there seems to be a common theme running through the ethers. That theme is a letting go into the Divine within us. What does that mean?

Sometimes we want something so much that we are willing to compromise our very being, our very soul to attain it. Whether it be prestige, money, a marriage partner or love interest, our freedom, or some material object we think we should have, in the past we have muscled our way to get it. This will not work now. Now we are operatng on a different energetic wavelength.

We are moving from carbon-based beings to cobalt beings. We are morphing inside and out. This is evolution at mach speed. To achieve this not so distant goal, we are re-aligning with our souls, the Divine within us. How are we doing this? By making a conscious decision to master all departments of our lives.  If we do not make this descision consciously, if we remain stubbornly asleep, wish to remain in the past or long for the ‘good old days’ we are NOT embracing change. We are fighting it. It is here no matter what.

We cannot ignore this intense energetic movement which is playing out all around us. Fighting change or trying to ignore it will only result in pain.

Mastering all departments of our lives means aligning them ALL with the Divine with us. Soul alignment. This is what is happening now. Bottomline: Anything that does not resonate with our souls, the Divine within us, goes!

This may look chaotic in our personal lives if we choose to fight it or ignore it. If we choose to see the ‘Big Picture’ and know that release will make an immediate space for Soul Alignment we are at peace with all the changes in our lives.

So the thing to ask ourselves when we are in the midst of fighting for/against something or someone or trying to ignore our gut feelings about something/ someone is: Are we holding on to an ego driven action? If so, there is some hidden agenda in ourselves. Struggle is an indication that we are in resistance to the Divine within us. Letting go of the struggle creates inner peace.

This is just as true in relationships as in doing business. Everything is changing now. If you are not authentic and heart- centered you will remain in the struggle. The answer to this simple question will bring resolution to any situation- WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?

Let’s take time to ponder this question all throughout our day.


Full Moon in Capricorn





This is an ambitious moon which also cautions us to hone our sense of humor and be flexible.

I felt this moon coming days before it grew full.  I had a few sleepless nights where my thoughts were centered on how I could make better decisions, simplify my life, do one thing at a time through to completion and make everything I do an art project including my relationships!

There has been so much change in my life that I no longer see it as scary or difficult but as a way of life that ushers in the next experiences, people, places, and things that will help me grow. I am hearing first hand, from my international clients, the great worldwide shifting that started its grand exceleration in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence and culminates in this next 6 month period. So, these moons ending this year 2012 are very potent.

For myself, I have situated myself, by many strange and wonderous synchronized events, in a place where I feel very safe, protected and comfortable so I can finally get something done! I believe this is the first order of business for most. Without some sort of home base we are always yearning. We are not in the NOW and not appreciating what we have. We are only seeing what we lack. This sense of only being happy when we achieve some goal, get some person or thing or move somewhere else is an emotional disease installed within us from our techno age society. It constantly flashes buy, get, eat, see, run, work, work WORK!! We are bombarded by images every minute of our day and night unless we make the conscious decision to turn off this constant media kaos.  Let’s choose what and how much is healthy in this massive media hodgepodge.

There is a great clearing and rearranging of priorities worldwide. This Capricorn full moon moon is illuminating the core issue- Are we living in our heads, our egos or is our life a true expression of who we are in essence?

I read an online article where JOY was associated with distraction. I think the author was referring to instant self- gratification such as video games, food, all media and any and all addictions. Yet, this article got my attention because to accomplish something and make a difference there will be challenges, setbacks, disappointments, distractions and alot of redoing. To achieve something that is of value we must enjoy the journey because it may lead us into territory we had not anticipated. There is no instant gratification when we choose to really pursue a task deeply. Yet, there is great fullfilment. I believe this is what is missing from most people’s lives at the moment. I believe this is why there is such a rapid exceleration and rearranging of priorities. We want to feel fulfilled. We need to feel fulfilled.

This full moon in Capricorn is moving us all towards fullfillment in relationships, work, local, personally and spiritually. We may be needing to release what does not fulfil us to make room for that which will. Be flexible. Flex that sense of humor. Let’s be grateful each morning, each evening and throughout each day for what we have right now! We are on a grand adventure and everyone is necessary, everyone makes a difference. UNIFY!


21st Century Spirituality

(This is the extended version of an article I wrote for Kosmos online journal.)


The energy generating 21st Century Spirituality is each individual taking responsibility for their own personal growth and evolution.

The days of following gurus of any kind are over.  The days of letting someone else, no matter their world stature, dictate who we are, what we want and how we should be, are over.  We as a global village have so much information at our fingertips that we each can make our own deep, personal discernments about what is right for us.  Taking responsibility for selecting healthy foods to eat, healthy positive relationships of all kinds and creative inspiring work that makes a difference and is personally rewarding are all offshoots of taking care of ourselves and putting our own well being first. This basic task of taking responsibility for our own happiness right now, instead of waiting for someone or something to do it for us, is a huge key to 21st Century Spirituality.

We are seeing a radical departure from huge organized religions headed by a few questionable individuals impersonably shepherding large congregations as if one size fits all.  21st Century Spirituality leans toward self-empowered, self-realized, pro-active smaller groups of like-minded people who share ideas, support and inspire each other in positive, healthy ways to contribute to their communities.

Who are the teachers of this 21st Century Spirituality then?  Anyone carrying the energy of unconditional love is a teacher now just by showing up and radiating this very misunderstood energy. Why has it been misunderstoood? Unconditional love has no agenda.   Throughout time, the people who have consistantly embodied this energy, are mothers. More women will take center stage and assume important roles in the world.

Sharing and supporting each other is 21st Century Spirituality. We see this online in all positive aspects of social networks. Nobel prize winners and great minds of our time are offering free online classes and degrees so everyone in our world can be educated, prosper, contribute and be abundant.

Authenticity is the catchword for 21st Century Spirituality. Be yourself. Find out who you are, then be it fully. No excuses.

Inclusiveness is 21st Century Spirituality.  Everyone, no matter what race, sex, color, weight, age, or financial status can be, do, or go anywhere they please now because acceptance is on the rise.

Being grateful is 21st Century Spirituality. Gratitude practices are becoming the norm.

Co-creating is 21st Century Spirituality.  For those of us who have peeled our onions and found our inner voice, leading with our intuition instead of pushing to make things happen, becomes a way of life now. We draw others who are also doing the same thing, form groups to hone and ground our growing intuition with the help of Spirit. The fifth element becomes heightened in our lives when we choose right relationship to ourselves, others, the planet and all beings. Right livelihood appears naturally at this point. Everything is being re-jiggered  in all areas of life all over the world so we can connect more powerfully to the fifth element- SPIRIT!

We human beings are expanding exponentially and at such a rapid rate that worlds are splitting and colliding before our eyes. This is just the beginning. The wise way is to slow down on the inside to stay grounded as the pace picks up around us.

The energy of Unconditional Love embodies 21st Century Spirituality. There are no words to define it. We will KNOW it, when we FEEL it.



Rare Venus Transit

This rare Venus Transit, blessing us with so many opportunities to LOVE, has inspired my own interpretation.  This aspect is meaningful because in many ways, the planet Venus is the KEY to life here on Gaia. Venus represents love, values, appreciation and women.  So, combined with the powerful Lunar ( the Moon also represents women and the feminine) Eclipse of the Sun in Gemini, women and the way we love becomes the major focus in this world until the next Venus transit of the Sun in December 2117.

This is powerful stuff and not to be taken lightly.  We women have the ability to LOVE unconditionally because we give birth and the fierce, protective, supportive, inclusive, nurturing, healing, overpowering and UNCONDITIONAL love that we feel for our children is the model now for both men and women.  Women are the teachers now. Women with the unconditonal love energy are being thrust to the front of our global culture.

There is a striking difference between emulating the same competitive, isolating, greedy energy that has controlled this planet for millinea.  That energy is destroying our beautiful blue/green home. This is not the new energy embodied by this rare Venus Transit. This is the grand departure of that energy.

This is exciting, exhilerating and timely!!! The opportunities to radiate the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ENERGY will now become the priority in all of our lives.

The dominant male patriarchal energy will not be ecilpsed by aggressive feminism.  The unconditional love energy is not aggressive and has nothing to prove. It is not vengeful. Unconditional love includes, forgives, heals, builds community, is family oriented and gives.

Women love men and men are changed forever when they encounter unconditional love. We women have power to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and that power is amplified now by this rare Venus Transit.

There are many men and women walking among us who embody this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE energy. Seek them out if you are not sure what unconditional love looks like. Then, why not demonstrate OUR power to everyone we meet.  Why not see this as a daily spiritual practice? I am talking to men and women here.  Just think if everyone did this?  Every minute of the day.  No matter what happened. What if everyone and everything was treated with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?  What if the question- What would love do? was the first thing we asked ourselves in any situation? Remember, you are the miracle. Be that!



Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A long awaited and anticipated time is here for us in 2012. This eclipse of the full moon in Gemini. So, much has been written about this because it is soooooooo potent. So much action in the heavens surrounds this eclipse.

I actually think this weekend is a great introspective time for all of us on this beautiful planet we call home.

Many things are about to change in our lives.  How we think, feel and speak things into being is very ripe now. Our actions become secondary to our thoughts, feelings and speech so it is important to take a few moments now.  Let’s really think about how we communicate to ourselves with our thoughts, to others with our words and to our bodies with our feelings. Communications of all kinds are up for us to examine for this next six month period ushered in by this eclipse cycle, which includes the Lunar eclipse on June 4th.

There is so much angelic guidance available now so contemplation, meditation and active daily spiritual blissaplines are important for this blessed connection. Whatever you believe in now, even if you believe in nothing at all, prepare for personal and global happenings. We are on the fast track, as a global village, to the next phase of developement as spiritual beings residing in human bodies on Gaia.

This is all exciting and liberating yet not without growing pains. Just like any birth, it can be joyous and painful at the same time! The best way to enjoy this process is to let go and let your angels and guides or your God do the driving. Let Spirit take the wheel!

This is a growing time of seeking value and meaning in our lives, our familes, our friendships, our work, our marriages, our play and where we live. So, communication really is the first thing that needs our attention if we are to realize value and meaning, deep peace, and constant celebration in all these areas of our lives.

Relationships of all kinds ARE the deep, constant resonating source of BEING on this planet. How do we manage them all? Is it more imporatant to have fewer connections that are more meaningful? Is the face of social networking superficial because we cannot possibly have deep connections with that many people or is there a balance that we have yet to find?

There are millions more single people in this country now than ten years ago. Is marriage obsolete now except for financial reasons and children? Aren’t there many different kinds of marriages and relationships that work? Can’t we open our hearts and embrace a different way of looking and being in relationships whether they be love relationships, marriage, children, friendships, workmates, frenemies or ex-whatevers?

How we communicate or commune with each individual or group of people is what we must consider at this time for optimal results. Are we communicating with love in every situation? This eclipse throws down the gauntlet and challenges us to do just that!



What should you expect from a reading with me?


Emerging into a new form, metamorphosis, radical change.
The spiritual revolution is here!


If you have specific questions, the reading can go to the heart of each issue more quickly. I will use the four clairs- seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling   to look into your problems. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, I have learned to receive divine guidance for myself and others. Through this process, I am able to help you make better choices so you experience more happiness in your life.  

As a professional astrologer, I can also check your astrological chart for more clues for timing and karma issues. Karma is basically unfinished business that you must move through in this lifetime. This can be done in many ways and is not always unpleasant. You can learn to burn through your karma in positive ways by taking the high road outlined in your astrological chart so you don’t create more. The astrological birth chart is extremely precise when accessing past relationships and future experiences. It is basically a map of your physical soul path in this lifetime. It can help explain the divine purpose behind past experiences that left you baffled. It can point out your strengths and weaknesses which once known can help make better decisions.  

I also use the tarot and numerical information to further confirm the information I see, feel, hear, and know. So, you have a more accurate picture and can make better choices. Also, I am able to tap into the other side and connect you with those close to you who have passed. They are basically angelic energies speaking through me and have a comforting and healing effect. I can also tap into your pets and speak to you for them which is always inspiring as most animals are highly intelligent and have grounded and sound wisdom.  

Chakra clearing is another gift that I share in these reading if it is requested. Please follow the link for a complete explanation.