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Astrological New Year



We have entered into the beginning of the astrological year with the New Moon in Aries cycle. The energy is high as this is a supermoon and the astro- aspects are intense. This feels more like a full moon and heralds in an intense 12 month period where our actions will speak so much louder than our words.

We are entering a critical period of choice, personally and globally. How much do we care about our planet and all life upon it? What really matters to us? Are we all connected and does every thought, word and move we make reverberate through our world?

As with all new moon cycles, we can lay out our desires and see them come to fruition as the month progresses. More than ever, clearing the mind and heart of past transgressions is imperative. This is a never ending task, yet unburdening ourselves becomes easier as we learn to let go.

Meditation helps us to clear our minds and add space to our being. Alone time connects us to ourselves. Nature helps us to heal our minds and souls and connect to the Divine. It is here, in this state of connecting to the Divine, that we finally understand the concept of letting go. It is here that we receive guidance from the Divinity within ourselves. This takes time and determination. With practice it allows us to lead with our hearts and our souls. It is deep connection with our Divine selves.

Please make our deepest desire to lead with compassion and love as we move forward into this highly karmic cleansing time. Those around us will need our peaceful energy and kind words to help them choose wisely and move into a more harmonious vibration.

Let’s shine brightly and feel the myriad of blessings coursing around us.

Spring is here! Love, lighten up and laugh alot!




Yes, this is the third Super Full Moon in a row for our evolutionary acceleration. Supermoons move close to the Earth intensifying the tides in the ocean and tides of  emotion in all beings. This one sits itself in Scorpio so secrets will be uncovered in this month of November 2015.  Also, a karmic crush of people, places and things wash over us in this 11th power month of the year.

Let’s choose wisely those we choose to align and associate with, where we give our attention, where we choose to give service and where we spend our money.

This November is a month of choice and balance.

Much has been said about happiness, yet this month it will become increasingly clear where this sometimes illusive theme lies in our lives. Our choices illuminate where and when we have hit this mark, strayed from this theme and/or have hidden it deeply from ourselves.  The polarity between entitlement and unworthiness,  too much vs too little, is ripe for exploration now and leads to balance if we observe instead of react.

Simplification of almost every area of our lives creates the space to find what truly excites us. Living a passionate life is happiness.  In this passionate moon~th of Scorpio everything is intense and juicy if we slow down and FEEL!

The Supermoon in Scorpio ushers in themes of forgiveness, gratitude and faith in a huge way.  As we move ahead energetically, we must let go and trust our journey. Trust that we are guided and protected.

November is a blessed month. Let’s keep our vibration high by laughing, sharing random acts of kindness, singing, dancing and loving ourselves and others!

Dimension of the Mystic

3wise womenGaia, our home, is moving into the ‘Dimension of the Mystic’. As the energy shifts and rises we are all asked to step into our full integrity yet it seems we are faced with more and more temptations, escapes and dulling of our senses every minute of our day now. So, here we are on the super new moon in Aquarius cycle which really illuminates ( super-moons are doubly intense) the Mercury Retrograde redo cycle. Our choices in every minute are the focus and second chances abound! Yes, things come back around, in the circle of life, so we can make…………… better choices.

Our energy is precious and we can no longer afford to waste or squander it. Our feeling nature is under siege, if we allow it. Please contemplate how much energy you wish to give out and how you replenish that energy. This is where slowing down, and thinking about this, before we commit to overloaded schedules becomes mandatory.

There are major blessings in this new moon retrograde cycle which continues through February 3rd. If we stay grounded and connected to nature and animals we will always feel unconditionally loved and may experience more telepathic moments. There is more conflict in the human kingdom than the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms so connecting with them will be less complicated and more rewarding. The wisdom in silence speaks so loudly to those who take the time to listen.

Creating space in our day is needed more now than ever. The left and right sides of our brains are being rewired to create a bridge between prose and poetry, between science and music, between objects and relationships. This is the personal journey to master ourselves. We are All on this journey!

Let us find the true meaning of befriending ourselves.

Super New Moon Blessing to yoooooooooooo!!!

Ha Ha Harvest Moon

The Full Moon in Pisces, which just peaked, is called the Harvest Moon because the crops were always harvested in September in many ancient societies and most tribal societies of today.

This moon is the last SUPERMOON of the year and indicates a very emotional two week period.  We have just been blasted with highly illuminating energy that can highlight blind spots in our psyche.  Be aware and see any challenges as gifts in disguise.

It is very important, at this moment, to slow down and monitor our thought processes as manifestation is very quick to appear now.  What are we thinking?  What are we feeling?  Are we judging others, situations and ourselves or are we empowering our choices by using discernment?  Discernment differs from judgment because it involves no blame.  Discernment is a conscious decision one makes about the people, places and things one desires in one’s life.

Manifestation also involves feeling, so being in touch with our feelings from moment to moment is imperative.  Most of us are gathering our intuitive gifts whether we are conscious of this or not.  To empower ourselves, we slow down and feel into everything and everyone now.  If we remain unconnected to our feelings and have runaway thoughts, drama ensues! 

Focus is the name of this ERA!!!!  How do we achieve focus? Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, sacred walks, contemplation,  swimming, running, golf, weeding, gardening, cleaning, bathing… you name it, everyone has their way.  Yet, there is one commonality, alone time!!!  More alone time is needed now for sensitive souls!

We also hit magical highs on Supermoons, meet extraordinary people, go amazing places and really laugh in this high vibration!  Nothing heals our hearts like kind love from our true friends, gentle support from family and crazyass laughter everyday!!!! 

We are headed into the inner time with the Autumnal Solstice arriving on the 22nd of September.  Time to prepare now!

The Aftermath of the Supermoon in Aquarius





Alert!!  This is a me, me, me blog!

The last giantorific Supermoon in Aquarius hit me hard in a fabulous way.  It was the full moon conjunct my own 12th house moon in Aquarius. 

I felt this Supermoon the weekend before it grew to its zenith on August 10th.  Wow, was I energized!  My sleep patterns were very sporadic, less sleep needed, and everyone bombarded me from all corners of the globe through my website , email, Facebook, Pinterest, phone, and in person!!  Sometimes, random drivebys or walkbys.

Finally, I had to set aside a big project and  “Get out of the House” because my internet went down, my phones stopped working, my DVD player broke and my sleep number bed was on every number but the one I usually slept on. The ‘princess and the pea’ syndrome!  (Most everything came back on its own after I got the Divine message!)

My other big Divine message was “Shut the Fuck UP” my new ebook!!!!!!!

I’m having too much fun here so let me just say that there are times when you just have to let go of everything and have a party.  This SUPERMOON illuminated the party for me.  FUN!!! Dance!!! Sing!!!

Blessings to you on your own energy ride as we move further into this stellar moment in time, don’t miss it!!  Things will sober up after August 22/23 when we Fall into Virgo.

For right now, ENJOY!

Emerging into Divine Manifestion

After the Lunar Eclipse of the auspicious Super Full Moon in Sagitarius, we come to the completion of a powerful cycle of eclipses.  It seems that our EMERGENCE into a new consciousness, a new way of being on this planet, is cemented now astronomically by the rare star placements, the intence solar flare activity and the unstoppable evolutionary cycle that enfolds us.

This is a time for CELEBRATION as we diligently make choices to follow our hearts into a new world where our daily choices will be intensely magnified back to us.

The manifestation process is speeding up AGAIN!

Our thoughts and feelings create opportunities for individual action daily. If we are out of alignment, we will feel it immediately if our senses are clean.  Clean means: organic food, no GMOs, less media, daily contemplation,  gentle exercise, service to others and right relations!

This is why this cleansing cycle of eclipses has been so beneficial. Astrologically, we are being detoxed of those people, places and things that hold us captive. Our choice to release them will fuel the energetics around us to bring in those that compliment us.

This is a special time of realignment. Many shall move past the soulmate stage into the twin flame arena of relationships.

Soul Mates are karmic throwback relationships identified by intensity, immediate recognition and fastforward growth.  SoulMates are not easy partnerships and sometimes fast, furious and over quickly. Moving into Twin Flame relationships involves companionship,  loving support to achieve individual goals, fun, and calm understanding of a shared greater purpose.  There is intense growth by partnering yet it is not volital and there is a shared feeling of intense understanding of the other.  Twin Flames are most times found later in life or after  experiencing a good amount of Soul Mate relationships.

Twin Flame relationships WILL happen now for our growth as humanity. We WILL arrive at peaceful, purposeful individual relations first and then it will fan out on a larger scale to involve our relationship to Gaia. Peace starts with the individual, then the joining of two like individuals which then creates the peaceful family of man relating peacefully to their environment.

NOW, the music of THE DIVINE pulls us into new realms if we DANCE OUR PRAYERS. Let’s put movement back into our journey.

Let’s ritualize our emergence into SuperBeings.