The Call to Fall Back in Love with Life on Earth!

This is such an extraordinary time to be here on Gaia, our planet, Earth.  We are all globally appreciating our home so much that it is inspiring to be part of our collective awe.  I am hearting everyone out there, today who is honoring our fabulous home.  Her waterways and oceans, mountains, forests, deserts and all the extroadinary and diverse creatures who live among us are calling to us now so strongly to unite in harmony as we travel higher on our earth journey.

The irony and cosmic joke of moving into higher dimensions is that we must all  ground into the earth, Her elements and creatures including the sentient beings in the earth and oceans.  We must connect with our bodies, own our bodies, love our bodies as conductors of energy.

When we appreciate our bodies, care for our bodies as much as the awe inspiring vistas that moves our hearts, the others we love and our beloved pets we are telling our mind, body and spirit that we love our earth journey. This creates GRACE in our lives. This simple step of loving ourselves, inside and out, will make our earth journey easier, lighter, funner!

It is time to really consider the health, vitality and fitness of our bodies as the vehicle needed to move higher on this evolutionary or spiritual journey that we have chosen to undertake as a global collective whether we are conscious of this fact or not.  We are all going somewhere and we all can feel the energy of these times. This rush of shakeup/wakeup, the imminent changes thrust upon us no matter where on the globe we are situated.

This is an adventure, a grand adventure for every being on, in and around our home planet. Cherish it. Slow down. Do simple things mindfully. Let’s love and appreciate our children, our families and everyone we encounter. Let’s commune with each other, our bodies and Gaia. Let’s unite in love, peace and harmony.  Let’s turn off the media and all our techno, digital, electronic NOISE and do these simple things. BE and listen to Gaia. She is calling to us all NOW!

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