The Chemistry of Stress

Be! You are enough!

The spiritual component of stress calls attention to the three lower chakras.  This area encompasses in the middle of your body down to your groin.  Highly stressed people are blocked in these areas.  This can produce fear of death, lack of creativity, depression, lack of money, bad relationships, health problems, skin problems, lack of good sleep, lack of trust in oneself and others and overall anxiety.

To unblock the first three chakras-

  1. Work with a massage therapist experienced in chakra energy
  2. Do gentle Hatha yoga every day.  It naturally aligns and opens the chakras.
  3. Walk alone in nature without music or any stimulation for at least twenty minutes.
  4. Wear black tourmaline or obsidian for the first chakra, carnelian for the second chakra, citrine for the third chakra.
  5. Eat only red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.
  6. Drum or play a drum tape with deep, resounding sounds
  7. Wear the colors red, yellow and orange or put things in these colors in prominent places, that you see all day, at your work station.
  8. Sound the Tibetan bowls or crystal bowels, chimes, toning forks or bells above these chakras when lying down or directly in front or in back of the areas of your stomach, below your belly button and the groin area.

These are just a few suggestions.  Most often meditation or contemplation is necessary.  Quiet time alone can realign and rejuvenate.  We often over-schedule ourselves thinking that a productive day is a full one without time to breathe.  Too many days of this kind lead to a stressed mind, body and spirit.

In these accelerated times where the energy is shifting to higher and higher degrees of spiritual transformation, we must slow ourselves down.  If we do not, there are sharp consequences.  This may sometimes look like a total breakdown for you and others around you yet it is only a wakeup call for readjustment to the energy of the times.

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