The Cold Moon




The last full moon of this year, 2015, is called the Cold Moon. This is traditionally the coldest and darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. The illumination of light by intense darkness is strong now! It is the time we connect with the natural world on a deep level to bless and celebrate the fragile balance between the kingdoms of the Earth.

Celebration and nurturance of the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms is not complete without the blessing of the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

Mastery of and co-creation with the elements is imminent at this time.  This is our destiny as an evolving species.

The amazing gift of the full cold moon on Christmas Day is one of reverence to the natural world. This rare event will not happen again for many years. We are blessed with forthcoming abundance and harmony as we take up the call to unity for the coming years.

Many new green technologies bless our lives as we honor our true home, Gaia. We are shining our light bravely through the cold dark nights into the bright future of our now.

Being one with the natural world creates the luminosity we crave as universal travelers.


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