The Greatest Contribution is YOU!

Lets get real, 2013 is a breakthrough year! The energetics of this year are heightened and it will only increase as we move further into this century.

We were all expecting massive seismic activity and grand scale earth changes yet other internal changes have taken place. We now realize that balancing collective group karma looks like many things. Behaviors causing widespread societal breakdown will be the primary way in which purging is achieved.

So we must all prepare ourselves. We are warriors of the soul armed with love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. If you have been wondering why you are here on Earth at this time, wonder no longer. This is it!

There are those of us placed in different venues who are here to keep the balance. We are here to modify negative effects in our immediate surroundings. We have to stay in harmony to do this. This is mandatory NOW!

Let’s remove ourselves from dissonance. Add quiet time to our day. Take care of our body amimals as if they are our BFFs. Be joyful and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. Listen for self-guidance. These are exciting times if we are up for the challenge! Let it be and SO IT IS!

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