The Heroic Decision to Be Persnickety

 2014 is a powerful year.  The Chinese Year of the Horse officially starts January 31 yet we are feeling the energy NOW!  After living close to a Paint Horse named Happy for the last four and a half years and observing her intense intuition, I believe we are in for a highly intuitive, telepathic and persnickety year.

Yes, fussy, finicky and difficult to please like a small child or choosy, exacting and focused on ONLY what we want.  AKA-  Let’s focus on our SELVES and what WE need and want to be happy, harmonious and creatively productive.  This may seem selfish yet when we understand the reality of this earth dance we are all involved in, we begin to see that everyone is self-involved at core.  We come in this way and go out this way.   Accept that!  Spending a little time in the first three months of this year on ourselves, while Venus, Mercury and Mars retrograde, is the name of the game for this winter 2014.

This is going to be a challenging year on many fronts because we are walking between dimensions.   This means that we have one foot in the third dimension and most of our body in higher dimensions when we stay positive and grounded in simplicity.  Most of our body in the third dimension and one foot in higher dimensions when we are stuck in competition, jealousy, greed, consumption, addictions and low self-esteem.

This is a year of choices.  We are immediately reminded where we are placing our energy by how we feel.  Yet, it is challenging to be in places where others are choosing (consciously or unconsciously) to cling to the old world.  We can choose to understand that we are modeling a new way of being for them so that they know they have a choice.  So you see, there are choices in both worlds. 

Learning to deal with resistance to us by others and resistance to move past deep, self -sabotaging patterns in ourselves is one of the challenges of 2014.  Hopefully, we have abandoned swinging the pendulum and are working hard to stay balanced this year.

Balance is the major  2014 theme. 

 To stay in our heart-center is another challenge of 2014.  These challenges will be enough to work on throughout January as Venus retrogrades in Capricorn as relationship issues and finances get the red light for retooling!

Magic is galloping all around us this year yet we have to open avenues to receive.  Think about this now.  There is great momentum happening beneath the surface in this first month of January.  Submerged in our collective and personal psyches are great problem-solving abilities.  How do we access them?  Hiking, biking, walking, yoga, tai chi, meditation in nature?  Make time for some ritual alone time to contemplate.  In many ways we are resting up now for a power-packed Spring!

Blessings and Magic abound for us all!

PMS  Boil that 2014 resolution list down to the three priorities and work those.  Simplify all lists.  No need for more overwhelm in a persnickety year.


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