The New Moon – June 12, 2010

EarthcareAre we walking our talk? Are we living out truth? Have we arrived at ourselves yet?

It is time to stop and really ask ourselves what is important at this time.  Are we completely submerged in getting ahead, achieving, competing for our share and judging others who are not in the consumer game portrayed in the media?

Do we forget to be kind? Are we gentle with others and ourselves? Are we still looking endlessly for thrills and excitement?

This moon will accentuate values. The lag time between thought and manifestation is accelerating. Our thoughts become things sooner so it is time to really listen to ourselves to understand what we are creating.

It is time for a nature walk. Pure information is more available now yet it is being broadcast in the quiet, natural surroundings that are becoming the only positive places left on this planet. Indulge your senses in the natural world. Pure intelligence awaits you. Intuition sharpens, as you leave the digital world behind.

This moon introduces new perceptions of reality.

This new moon in Gemini focuses on communication with ourselves, with others and intuitive, divine communication. Let’s receive Earth wisdom and realize that our amazing green Gaia and her animals, plants and minerals are vastly intelligent. They are waiting to communicate that wisdom to us. Are we ready? Their wisdom and grace does not include our stunning consumerism. The concept of ‘more than one needs’ is not in their vocabulary. Let us ask ourselves why we are never satisfied with what we have. Why having and striving for ‘things’ has eclipsed simple ways of life that are all inclusive and achieve healthy balance. Simple living benefits every being on this planet and Gaia herself.

Remember that thoughts are prayers now as we cross into this new moon. What are you praying for?

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