The Power-Lineup is here!

We are actually here! The timing of many an ancient prophecy happens now through the next ten weeks. The stunning array of astrological alignments, sacred ancient festivals and magic are kicked off by this new moon in Taurus, April 21, 2012.

What really is most important to us? This period of time we are entering challenges us to find out without delay! Are we chasing the idea of success at any cost because we are still trying to prove something to others and to ourselves  or are we after real happiness, good health, deep fulfilling relationships and meaningful work.

What does making a difference every day really mean?

Are we grateful for everything in our lives even what seems like lack?

Are we suddenly aware of a storehouse of anger we had no previous idea existed in us?

Are we competetive and pushing to make things happen or giving in to our unique and blessed Divine Timing?

Are we honoring ourselves with sacred space and time in Nature to recharge and reconnect with the Divine inside us?

The feminine principle is becoming dominant on our gorgeous blue/ green globe.  This energy is anchored in our hearts during the next ten weeks.  This means that most of us are challenged daily to combine our right and left brains. Women, of course, are blessed with an abundance of this energy unless they have existed in their masculine polarity to “get ahead”.  Men are catching up yet many are angry because the old way of being in the world no longer works for them.  There are other men who have longed for this gentle, flowing energy and have dropped out of mainstream society which, for the most part, encourages them to abuse themselves.

Relationships between the sexes are changing, morphing. The dance is getting wonderful, astonishing and wild. This time is not about selfishness. It is about empowerment for both sexes. It is about deep listening, patience, gratitude, kindness, fortitude, and most of all this new energy is about throwing expectations to the wind and staying right where we are every minute and being grateful for that moment.

There is another important relationship besides our lovers, mates, children, families, friends and pets.  Today is Earth Day! Let us all celebrate out relationship to our home. Like our birthdays, celebrating once a year becomes pointless. Why not celebrate ourselves and the Earth, our home, everyday? Like our health and our bodies, without Gaia, we would not exist as a species. It’s that simple. Do we take our bodies and our health for granted? Do we take Gaia for granted or do we bless her everyday?

Let’s kick of this ten week period of immense change and magic with gratitude and love for our home, Planet EARTH, GAIA!



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