The Signs of the Times

What a turbo blended lineup we have lived through recently.  The Summer Solstice setting the energy for the next three months, the third Uranus/Pluto square deconstructing society, the largest and most amazing Supermoon of 2013 hitting its zenith this morning bookended by Mercury Retrograde coming on June 26.

There are a host of other astrological aspects forging change, protest, revolution.  Yet, it is the watery aspects that dictate our here and right now.  Our personal journeys into spirit are emotional.  With the Supermoon in ‘work hard and control everything’ Capricorn and the Sun in ‘learn to receive then let go and flow’ Cancer we have our themes for the summer of 2013.  Achieving the balance point between these two is not always easy.  We are really being summoned to combine things now.  Our hearts and our minds.  The masculine and feminine within ourselves.  Being support systems for others yet taking care of ourselves first so we can achieve this without tanking or breaking bad.

So, many need so much.  So much is being re-balanced or just falls away now.  We are constantly challenged to accept all this volatile activity as our higher good.  Our choices are thrown in our faces now.  The energy is just going to vibrate higher and higher.  Backtracking to rectify choices is exhausting, stressful, and the Signs of the Times in our personal lives and globally.   Let’s BE mindful. The Divine is working in our lives. We must dive deep.

This particular Supermom is a real buzz, the Lord of the Dance!  It charges the electrical circuits in our bodies.  If we have felt snoozy, blah, depressed, or have thrown up our hands in futility for most of 2013 , this Supermoon says WAKEUP!!!! Get ready, Go!  The ironic Mercury Retrograde comes right on its tail so we don’t hurt ourselves by heading blindly into choices we will only have to bactrack over later.  A cosmic haha! Mercury Retro can treat our choices like roadkill.

The old adage stands: There are no good or bad choices only better choices.  If we align ourselves with the Divine and let Spirit work through us we have a blessed journey, an easy, graceful birth.

This Supermoon is illuminating things that are out of balance in ourselves, society and the world.  We are moving into a more loving and nurturing world yet the painful birth stage is what we see unless we look deeper, slow down, accept where we are in our lives, love where we are in our lives, refuse to be swept up in meaningless activities that dull our senses and provide only temporary escapism.

We are privileged to live in exciting times.  Let’s relish the twists and turns, the surprises, the shocks, the protests, and  ‘Ride, Sally, Ride’!!  Let’s appreciate that evolution has kicked into high gear.

We are vibrating higher, our bodies are morphing.  Let’s be mindful of what we eat, chemicals we ingest- clean with- use topically on our bodies,  limit technology, eat less, move more, be mindful of who we choose to love, how we choose to give service, our words, thoughts and feelings.  Let’s have FAITH and BE Grateful for what we have, who we are and the Divine guidance available in all of us.

Most of all, let’s find peeps to laugh with!!!  Let’s search out the fun while we are being Vita-Mixed!!!!

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