The Wolf in the Garage

It was winter and a full moon. I was coming home late with some groceries in the back of my truck. It is very dark out here yet on the full moon the Arizona sky is lit and the panorama of stars is breathtaking. We get a stunning view of all the snow covered mountains.

On this night you could see your breath. It was cold. I was hurrying to get inside into the warm with my booty. As I was arranging all my recycled bags of food for a multiple bag dash to the main house from my dark garage, I felt a furry animal rub against my legs. I assumed it was one of my neighbors dogs gone walkabout.

As I lifted all the bags onto the pavement outside the garage so I could close the door, I told the large dog to go home and shooed him outside. I closed the garage and found him nuzzling my bags of groceries. I told him I was a vegan and there was no meat in those bags when he shot out into the moonlight. He was a very pregnant she and no dog. She turned to smile at me and show her teeth.  I froze.

Off she went into the night and I realized, as I hightailed it to my safe straw bale, we have wolves up here.

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