Time of Butterflies


 We have entered an astounding period of time where the access to join the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within us in up and on the table.

Many people ask me why is it that they can’t get their partner to step up into a committed relationship. We are really having a relationship with ourselves and our partners have been mirrors to tell us where we need to pick up the pace and grow. Now, we are all confronted with a choice. Do we want to continue attracting a mate, partner or lover who pushes us intensely through many doorways in an uncomfortable and over emotional way or do we step back and let these new energies of self completon wash through us so we can attrack another who has also joined their sacred feminine and sacred masculine within? Yes, these relationships will look and feel different. A more compatible, less volital atmosphere of mutual respect and love will result.

If we choose to do this work on ourselves, sometimes that looks like steppng away from sabotaging relationships which don’t allow us to move in this direction. Of course, we have chosen these disempowering relationships for just that reason, to wakeup from our self imposed inertia!

Love is changing. Relationships are changing. Transformation is on the table.

First, our relationship with ourselves must be allowed to change and we must create space in our lives to achieve this. The astrological influences of this time and energetics from solar flare activities are here to help us if we slow down and intergrate them. The exhausting pace of our electronic global society leaves little time for contemplation. Yet, this is exactly what is needed in this month of completions called April 2012.

Many clients have called me to ask why they are moving so slowly and feeling almost lethargic as we enter this gorgeous April. It is the turning of the seasons into spring, yet there is so much heavenly activity that prevents us from moving forward at this time. Most people are still pushing and shoving and trying to get ahead in one way or another. So, they are exhausted! That has been our modus opererendi as human beings, to grab that brass ring! Most of us have been slowed to a snail pace to re-evaluate that brass ring we are reaching for at this time. What is it really that we desire?  What are our real priorities? Who is important to us and why? Where are we sabotaging ourselves and disempowering our birthright of abundance? Are we constantly complaining about something or someone or are we ready to be pro-active in this completion month or April 2012?

I keep referring to completions because we cannot truly move forward in May without addressing all the things that don’t work in our lives.

So, this amazing month of energetic alchemy within us, that joins and balances our sacred feminine and sacred masculine, is a revelation and a gift from the heavens.  A true blessing. Please slow down and allow the magic of this Time of Butterflies. This time of mass global transformation within each of us. Let these energies transform you and all your relationships into kinder, gentler people with more compassion and nurturing abilities. In turn, these new gifts will fan out out and effect the world around us.

A kinder, gentler world is now upon us. Use this month wisely.




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