Timing is Money

There are times in our lives when we can do no wrong, when opportunities flow and we are the most popular kid on the block.  We call this luck.  Good times.  There are other times when we can’t seem to catch a break in any area of our lives and we are disheartened.   We call this bad luck.  Bad times.

There is no such thing as luck of any kind.  We have all heard the adage: “Luck is the when preparation meets opportunity.”  Yet, when are those opportunities coming?  This is where astrology becomes the most useful.  Timing.

Every astrological transit brings different opportunities.  A seasoned astrologer can map out the most beneficial times for each individual according to their unique natal chart.  Also, the astrological chart can reveal times when we must persevere and keep the faith to achieve our goals.  Astrology can become a powerful tool to navigate life.

Here are a few astrological tips that you can use to better your life now:

  1. 1. We all can create goal lists at the new moon for the period between the current new moon and the next new moon.  This way we are aligned with the moon and flowing with her energy.  Start projects at the new moon, release outdated goals and ideas or things that no longer work at the full moon.
  2. Understand your birth sign.  The advantages and the challenges. Know that you chose this sign and your birth date and embrace it all.
  3. Get a star calendar and plan for the Mercury retrograde periods.  These times usually come three times a year and can interfere with travel plans, computers and electrical appliances, and cars and communications can break down.  Things do not run as smoothly at these times.  However, we can use this energy wisely by slowing down and going over the finer details that we usually miss.  This is an excellent time for study and research.   Making  lists and goals.  We can attend to things that we have procrastinated or put on the back burner.  Mercury Retrograde is a great catch up time.
  4. Find the eclipse cycle for the year on your star calendar.  These are powerful portals for change.  The change depends on the sign and house in your chart where the eclipse falls.  Solar eclipses trigger external events.  Lunar eclipses trigger inner, emotional events.  All eclipses mark both beginnings and endings.
  5. A tip for the coming year is the most divine day, April 6th.  This is when Jupiter and the Sun meet up in 2011 for one day of pure joy.  Make this a special day for yourself.  Celebrate it.  Plan for it.  Enjoy it.  It is an astrological gift for 2011.  Preparation and opportunity will meet on this day!

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