Twin Speak

Here we are at the New Moon in Gemini. Already, I have heard from almost everbody I know!  This is a high time for sharing, communicating and reaching out to those we love.

With all the new info about Gaia’s magnetic poles moving, the underwater exploration of new ancient cites, the increased citings of UFOs all over the world and the millions of people on the march in solid protest of further ruination of our home via parks, GMOs, nuclear energy, human rights –  these are exciting times!

The energetics are getting very high and with Neptune retrograding we can easily be thrown off our centers. Slow down!

I know I say this alot yet we are in the midst of new, big, DIVINE energy that is changing our bodies rapidly.  As we carry on with our normal daily activities, we may feel as if we have some kind of deja vu or that we are stepping between worlds, dizzy, or suddenly misplaced. This energy can be tricky if we don’t slow down and intergrate it.

This is an airy, Gemini, back and forth, speak out, intensified New Moon.  We are literally being asked to listen more so when we speak it is truthful, heartfelt and to the point.

Astrologically, we are given the go ahead at this time to invoke and manifest through our hearts. This will be a surprising June. There is so much yet to be revealed so let’s be prepared and alert.

Let us remember that the higher vibrations we achieve let us radiate to all around us.  We neither have to prove ourselves nor broadcast to lift others higher.  Just BE!

In these times, this is the gift we give; Our vibration of love. This is the magic!


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