Update for 2012 is Already Juicy



Here I am moving Kenny out of my home this weekend.  Yes, I am helping him.  We are great friends, after all, and that will not change.  I have forgiven him, myself and taken responsibility for my part in our parting. 

After almost nine years together, a crystal business that we operated together up and down the coast of California, sharing Burning Man naked in Nevada, camping at the Rainbow Gathering near Shasta and vending jewelry at Fire Dance amongst the great trees in northern Cal then helping my mother through her ALS journey and transition many of my friends thought we would stay together forever!

When I first outed Kenny, for having a love relationship with his boss, he wanted to stay here and still pursue his relationship with her.  It was really for practical reasons.  I am just lucky that she wanted to move into a rental house with him and took the lead to make it all happen.  So, now, I am really grateful for her, otherwise I would be really stuck and not able to move on like so many I counsel!

So many miracles happen if we can let go, give it up and over and cast our burdens to the Divine inside us all. 

Patience takes immense faith yet what choice do we really have?  We can sit in the boohoo and cycle down emotionally till we create health problems for ourselves.  What an option that is!  Or we can stay in denial and fear, hope things change and let our subconscious unhappiness sabotage our lives.  Another great option!  Or, we can rant and rave and take revenge which takes the same toll on our bodies, and everything and everyone around us, plus creates Karma which we will payback in our next relationships so perpetuating this cycle!  Ah, well!

Forgiveness is not easy.  Sure, I am human and did my share of ranting and raving, crying, eating and shopping!  I TALKED TO ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS ABOUT THIS YET MOST EVERYONE SAID GET A GUN!  So, I stopped sharing because isn’t that what is wrong with our world?   Needless Violence?

I finally had to ask myself ‘What would LOVE do?’  After all, I am supposed to be a spiritual counselor so I had to counsel myself!

After much pondering and contemplating I got ‘Be Patient.’

I have been PATIENT for over a year.  Divine timing is rarely our timing.  There were still things to learn from this situation.  This lesson is ultimately harder than my mum’s ALS journey and her transition.  Yet, I co- created this so I must let it play out.  So be it and I am grateful for my Divine Timing which I am learning about right now!

It is sad, as all ending are, yet the room it creates is massive for the next episode of my life.  I am armed with LOVE and ready for ADVENTURE!!!!

BRING IT ON!  2012 is juicy!!!

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