Water Dragon New Moon

Dragon New Moon in Aquarius- Jan. 22/23, 2012

 This is a powerful time.  This moon is pushing us to experience the beautiful in our lives, in the world around us and in ourselves.  It is time to create different ways of being, as our dear planet Earth ascends into the fourth and fifth dimensions and away from Greedy 3-D reality.  We can no longer DO the Greedy 3-D, it hurts!

So, we must let go.  This does not mean wipe our slates clean of those people, places and things around us.  Though many are choosing to do this at this time because letting go of anything or anyone that dis-empowers us is mandatory this year.  Yet, this is only a choice.  There are no bad choices only better ones and each choice is an individual choice.  Be an individual.  Take responsibility for yourself and your choices.

We are challenged to stay in the NOW, slow down and enjoy our lives once more.  It is time to find our true passion and LIVE IT!  The time/space reality of the Greedy 3-D has shifted.  We no longer have the same amount of time in a day.  If we turn off our cell phones and experiment with our telepathy, space takes on new meaning as we discover we are all connected no matter where we live in the world.

We are challenged to LIVE the truth and reality of the Fifth Dimension NOW!

What does this mean?  Stop struggling and trying to fit the Greedy 3-D reality into the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality that we are living in now!   Move past the Greedy 3rd-Dimension.

The truth and reality of the upper 4th dimension, and our final destination in the 5th dimension of reality, is explained in depth by Echart Tolle in THE POWER OF NOW.

The Year of the Dragon is all about POWER.  How do we use our own personal power?  How are the institutions around us, who say they are in our service, using their power to do so?  What are we seeing in our world?  The dismantling of abusive power?  So, there it is.  We can use our amazing power for good or not?  What is your choice?  This is what this year holds for us.  We will see in our own lives where our own power struggles induce change within us and around us. 

These are growing pains, no more than that.  We are birthing a new world.  This is an exciting adventure.  Flow with it.  Let go.  Embrace change.  Be a light for others to see thru their darkness into their light.  Duality has been a reality of the  Greedy 3-D.  We have suppressed our darkness instead of embracing it and loving it and using it in constructive ways for good.  Our inner power is Plutonic.  This means it is dark and powerful yet it has been seen by our society as unacceptable.

I do not mean anything that hurts anyone else, ourselves, or any other being on our dear Mother Earth including Herself.  I mean make the subconscious and unconscious desires within us CONSCIOUS!  How do we do this?  Take the time to get to know ourselves and peel our own onions of past life Karma brought into this life and unresolved childhood issues. 

Laugh your way through this year and notice your feelings, knowings, the things you hear and see.  Stay in gratitude no matter what!  This is just the beginning not the end!

Have a blast!  Enjoy the ride!  Act up not out!  Misbehave!  Be Outrageous!  Embrace the BEAUTIFUL in yourselves and others and in everything on/in and around our dear green jewel of a planet.  Let yourselves get amazing ideas for new ways of being in this world then demonstrate them to those around you!!!!

2012 is a year of POWER!  How will you use your personal POWER???

PS Because we are being challenged by certain astological aspects for the next few months, I suggest you look into non-violent communication if directly afflicted.  You will know because your anger will become explosive or those around you may explode on you.

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