Water Snake New Moon

The second new moon after the Winter Solstice heralds in the Chinese New Year.  This year of the Water Snake is a year of reconfiguration, rumi-nation, planning,amd building new foundations.  It brings us great new elegant strides in science and the arts yet this is not a year for financial risk. Saving and building new muscles for new adventures and new worlds is the order of the year.

These new Water Snake muscles involve learning how to flow and shift with the enormous changes that sweep the planet and end up in our living rooms. The dust has settled a bit from all that high energy of 2012 and now we are getting back to the real substance of our lives.

This new moon in Aquarius portends stepping up and out as we move into the third wave of lightwork on this planet and those volunteers or system busters are pushed forward. It is a time of networking and mass communion for rapid change. That also may mean change and endings in relationships that no longer serve us as the clarion call to move forward beats loudly.

How do we handle this? It is time to bring the sacred into every area of our lives!

It is time once more to nourish the soul with contemplation, meditation, prayer, yoga, gardening singing, chanting, dancing, journaling, art, healing and bodywork, sacred walking and the list goes on.

Do things we love in gratitude, for after all, even the worst of lives is a treasure!

The overstimulation of modern life is destracting, damaging, and empty. We can stop, turn off the media,  breathe and vow to give ourselves a break every day. This year of the water snake demands that of us.  The molecular composition of humanity is changing, morphing. This year we will feel the changes in our bodies as wearyness when we overstimuate, overcaffenate and multitask our lives into a frenzy.

The greater reality of life is multi-dimensional. Let’s give ourselves the chance to really experience it instead of hearing about it from others. Let us glide like the water snake and let our dreamworld collide with our living reality to build miraculous manifestations in this year 2013.


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