Willfullness vs Divine Timing

Today, I am rumi-nating about my own willfulness instead of being patient and waiting for my Divine Timing to kick in. I believe we all are muscling to get things done in many areas of our lives. Is this really working for us now? Has it ever really worked? Or is it boomeranging complications upon us that we don’t need.

Putting the intention out there, asking for Divine help and then letting it go is a concept that is not always easy to accomplish as we watch situations spiral out of our control. Sometimes, things have to reach a certain pinnacle before the energy breaks and grace intervenes. In retrospect, we begin to understand this yet sometimes in the now we anticipate the worst.  As we travel through the situation, we forget to ask for grace to intervene daily or even in every moment. We forget to hand over our troubles to our angels, guides or God and can no longer tune into our own inner guidance system.

We complain, we engage in drama which creates more drama and more complaints. A negative spiral develops and we are trapped in the chaos of our own making. When we are not patient and do not really trust in any Divine Power, we muscle things to happens in a way that we assume we want. This is called WILLFULLNESS: something we must all look at in this moment as we approach doorways of consciousness that are beckoning us to enter.

I have watched myself ignore very literal signs because I wanted something else. I was Willful and ignored or rejected my very strong guidance system. Why? I have rumi-nated on this for a few weeks now. This is what I have come up with- I pushed, I refused to wait, I didn’t see any movement in a certain area of my life and tried to muscle an outcome that was obviously wrong for me so I paid a price.


I am so grateful that this lesson was not life altering, yet it was a big wakeup call to me about my own Willfulness in this are of my life. I am a fire sign and this kind of behavior has been a great joy and a great disappointment simultaneously all my life!  We are all human, no-one has all the answers if we are in bodies. So, I am laughing at my crazy behavior and am seeing my own folly clearly this time. Thankyou God!

Divine Timing always illuminates our desires and needs if we stay in gratitude. That is the only task we need to accept in the now. Gratitude. Let go and let Divine Timing have its way. We may be surprised with greater miracles than we can imagine if we keep our faith and trust in DIVINE TIMING instead of muscling an outcome that will only disappoint us because we couldn’t wait and became defiant and willful!

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