Work as Our Altar

This Virgo New Moon is no-nonsense.  For us magical beings, this energy can anchor our big plans into reality.  After such an energetic August, blasting us into integration of humility, heart centeredness and service with new star codes and increased DNA strands, we are on the threshold of new ways of being.

Many of us are experiencing rapid regeneration.  This of course, is heightened by new ways of digesting the foods we are called to ingest and self-care as a #1 priority.  ‘How am I supposed to do this when I am taking care of so many others and working fulltime?’ many ask.  There is a challenge here and we all face this in our busy day to day lives.  Yet, it boils down to simple priorities.  Let’s put time for ourselves EVERYDAY at the top of our list!  Plan, plan, plan ahead!

Let’s really think about what success means to us this fall.  Does it mean having more freedom to do what we love and love who we love?  How do we achieve this?  What do we really need in our lives?  Who do we need?  What serves us now?  What heals and nourishes us and Gaia?

We are interconnected as a race of beings with all animals, birds, insects, fish and marine life, the mineral kingdom, Gaia and the elements so what is good for Her is good for us.  When She is healed, so are we!  So please let’s think carefully about our priorities as we move forward. Virgo is Earth centered! So, you see, we are all environmentalists just by living on Gaia. We are HER guardians! We are HER caretakers!

Back to experiencing our work as our altar.  This New Moon in Virgo heightens the sacredness of our service.  We can look deeper into our work situations.  We can see ourselves as lights shining brightly in dark places that need to transform.  We are agents of change just by turning up.  Our peace can and will inspire change in others and any environment we choose to enter.

We are all here to provide great service in this life of evolutionary upheaval.  It may take several years, to 2015 at least, to integrate heart-centered change into the structures that have ruled over this planet for millennia.  We are all here to facilitate that objective.

Virgo is an earth sign.  To stay grounded and revel in the sacredness of nature is the gift of this time of year.  September is a great time to experience the harvest in our lives that we have prepared for all year with joyous sacred work.

Forward movement happens now as the New Moon in Virgo heads toward the Harvest Moon in Pisces.  We are releasing what is no longer needed and taking what IS needed with us into the winter cycle.

Simplify, clean, rectify, regenerate, detox, do sacred work wherever we find ourselves, revel in the natural world as much as possible and most of all, let’s see and understand our great part in this grand play.

Let our authentic selves come forward now.  What a relief!!!!  Whew!   We are safe to BE our true selves!!!!  Remember, WE ARE SUPPORTED IN ALL WAYS BY OUR ANGELS, JUST ASK FOR THAT SUPPORT OUT LOUD!  PLEASE!!!

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