Here we are on the Cold Full Moon cycle in the middle of another massive energetic gateway that started on 12:12.  This is the authentic Christmas gift to all global citizens of Gaia from the Cosmos.

Sure, this is a Chatty Cathy party moon in many ways.  So many need to connect at this time of year.  This two week full moon cycle heightens the physical connections and the non-physical connections.  We may experience wild dreams, prophetic inklings and magical occurrences if we stay positive, in expectation of miracles, in gratitude and in peace with the world. 

It is time to flow for good.  This is the way of the Divine Feminine which has overtaken the world at last.  We are in a receptive mode now.  This means that the doing comes last.  First comes the inspiration which is a direct link to the Divine in ourselves.  To create inspiration, we slow down and become present.

Staying present is not always easy around the holidays when everyone is tugging at us and we tug and kick at ourselves also.  We can actually forget who we really are at this time because the focus on others is so fierce.  Let’s unplug alot, take baths alot, self-nurture alot, if we can.  Let’s take one thing at a time. Let’s release all the multi-tasking that we were so proud of cause we got so much done yet were exhausted for days and on the brink of ill.  Do less!  What a concept!!!

All this busy, busy, commercialized nonsense is destructive to our souls.  It prevents deep communion at this rare and special time.  Simplify your Christmas and concentrate on true values. 

The beauty around us and in us.

The special people and pets in our lives.

Music, joy, and laughter.

Love of the Divine within ourselves and others.

Giving and receiving smiles.



I personally am humbled at this time of year because so many unexpected and magical things happen to me.  I am touched by so many little, simple things and the awesomeness of being alive is magnified.  This Big, Cold Full moon heightens this emotional time.

Flow with it and enjoy it all.

Happy Yule!

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