Zoom Zoom New Moon

We are finally moving forward with this New Moon and entering into the new astrological year. Wow, this has really been a push/pull, stop/start, backup and redo, “when will this year really start??” time!

Plus, we are heading into the first eclipse cycle for 2013 which is gearing up to be an E ticket!

Sure, we had to clear away alot of stuff to get ready for this highly energetic time.  We have prepared ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to enter into accelerated energetic times on planet Earth whether we are aware of it or not.  Exhausting times if we had no idea what is going on,  exhilerating times if we do.  Awareness prepares us. Let’s all get prepared for more easement in our lives. Less struggle. More contentment. More flow. Things are about to get multi-dimensional!

What does this mean? Take of the seat belt off, let’s learn how to fly!

We are all, as a human mass consciousness, about to enter heightened intuitional territory. This may come in the form of dreams, daydreams, meditations, or flashes of knowing.  Some of us have already entered this period of time which will only accelerate even though Pluto has entered it’s retrogade till September.  Pluto is an astrological wildcard yet not as sudden or alarming as Uranus.  So, we can expect really, really old karmic patterns to emerge within us that need release. It is best to just observe this process as a detached witness. This way these crazy old patterns can evaporate because they are no longer needed. They are old news yet recycling them is no longer enviromentally friendly!

Look forward to peaceful less emotional relationships of all kinds, especially with yourself!  Let’s get used to peaceful, joyful, simple things.

It has been brought to my attention many times that our media stirs up drama, keeps us in fear or addicted to expecting the worst.  Turn off the media and expect the best!


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