The New Dimensions of 2016


We are not only entering a new year, we are entering new dimensions of time and space, love and compassion, unity and forgiveness and sovereignty for all beings.

This is a brave new world we are calling into our reality.

As more light settles onto Gaia, as the Universe expands, we all have more abilities, more knowing, more justice, more Love!

This year 2016 is the gateway many of us have been preparing for all our lives. We have endured many transitions in this lifetime. Many relationships have come and gone. Many careers have been fleeting. Many ideas of what is next have been taken on the wind. We have all re-created past lives to move through that last bit in a positive way to prepare us to be warriors of the heart.

This year is primed to be groundbreaking! New green tech surprises, new amazing alliances, new money streams like no other year we have known, new beginnings and endings to pave the way and create space for more of what is humane and working in our lives are here now!

Our job is to accept and have faith that we are guided and protected in the face of great change.

We have a chance this year to make great leaps in a new direction that embraces, nourishes and inspires all life on Gaia.  This is the challenge of 2016!

So let’s make heart choices, create many random acts of kindness, give service, go green, vote with your buck, practice gratitude, be aware in the moment, talk in person to others, recharge in the natural world, find ways to make every action fun, read, sing , dance, paint, write, make love, go LARGE or go home!

We have a chance to move forward and be happy in all areas of our lives. Let’s take that chance, that challenge, that destiny!

Let’s be radical and grateful for this chance to evolve at high speed! Ho!

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