A Gift From The Heavens


The full moon in Capricorn gateway kicks off July 2015! Another power punch of change planets that aspect the moon’s nodes propel us forward on a roller coaster ride that can either be exhilarating, debilitating or just plain irritating!!! Free will, baby!!

We are asked to coast with the changes, simplify, and get our inner and outer houses in order. Let’s ground ourselves with the energies of this full moon illuminating the push /pull between our practical day by day responsibilities and our wild imaginings which light up the magic in all simple, domestic doings.

The true gift here is Venus and Jupiter traveling together in Leo. Brilliant chance meetings, angelic synchronicities, unexpected abundance, giddy times, instant lifetime bonding, true confidence and real romantic love come into our lives during these lovely transits.

Time to look outside ourselves, look up, surround ourselves with people, places and things of substance. Less is more. Let’s get our values straight up and counted on one hand.

There is magic in the heavens shining down on us. We are blessed this summer with so many possibilities and an endless stream of positive vibes pulsing through our lives. Let’s align ourselves with this energy by connecting with natural surroundings as much as possible.

Let’s leave the mundane behind and immerse ourselves in magic. Look for the magic, see the magic and be the magic!

Remember to pay forward all random acts of kindness to keep them circulating around Gaia!

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