Angel Yota

56_thumb5So, this crazy experience was a puzzler and I am writing this after a week of ‘deep think’ on it.

My guy was off working in Prescott so I decided to take a day for myself. A typical ‘me’ day is going into Sedona to play. I stopped at the rural post office first as usual. When I came out my truck would not start. There was a grinding sound and I instinctively knew the starter was compromised. Also, it was a Saturday, (Saturn~ day) and this bad boy had just retrograded, turned to go backwards!!!

I walked over to the country market and called AAA. Tim, the cashier, told me that it was a good thing I had stopped trying to start my truck because if it was the starter, I could have damaged it and it would need replacing.

Robert and the AAA tow arrived and we towed it down the street to Sean’s yard, a mechanic I trusted. He was gone for weekend. No surprise, there! Robert offered to drive me back to the foot of the looooooooong journey home yet I had to write Sean a note, as Yota would spend two nights in his yard.

After I had pushed my note threw Sean’s letter drop, I headed back to the market where Tim had offered to drive me home after his shift.  I thought to myself that my personal day would be spent trying to get home. As I walked along the dirt shoulder of the only busy main street, so many people honked and waved at me that I started to look around in surprise. It was glorious, everything was blooming. This was a real Spring in the country and I was part of it now, not just seeing it out my car window. I suddenly realized the great blessing of having no car for a weekend. Oh, did I mention, I left my cell phone in my car???

So, here I was passing the glory of Windmill Park in Spring. Here I was nuzzling horses along the way and picking up many dogs as traveling companions. Then, I watched a family of geese stop traffic as they marched across a marked crosswalk in single file like human beings!

I finally reached the market and Tim had left. Time had escaped me, so much had happened. I started the looooooooongass, uphill, 3mile road to my eco-plateau first stopping to see all the horses in Gloria’s stables. I was offered more rides home by her workmen, yet I was having the time of my country life with everyone’s horses, dogs, goats, chickens, peacocks and llamas. I was gleefully trespassing up a storm!

Finally, after many more idyllic moments with fun animals, I realized I had blisters from wearing the wrong shoes. Luckily, Betty was weeding her property and agreed to give me a ride home.

Cut to Monday at 8am. I hitch a ride with Greg, my neighbor, to Sean’s auto body shop and my Yota. Sean screws the starter back in and asks me who worked on my truck last. It seems that someone intentionally unscrewed the starter pin. The last work done on Yota was a simple oil change at Walmart. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Sean did not charge me and the AAA tow was covered in the yearly fee. What was this really all about besides Sean doing my tri-monthly oil changes and truck maintenance instead of the notorious Walmart???

Okay, so if I am as proactive with the health of my truck as I am with the health of my body and practice preventative medicine as if they are related, what does this mean???  Without over thinking or overanalyzing this, rather handing it all over to my angels and asking them to give me some insight, the answer came.

My own starter pin had been unscrewed by my Saturn return. I had stopped writing my fourth book, taken a break, and had been rationalizing myself out of continuing. Wow!

As this powerful Lunar Eclipse on April 4th gets closer, I am now awake to my task: Do the hardest thing without any guarantees. Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius almost back to my own persona Saturn in Scorpio. Did I really think I was not being guided??? Did I lose my way during my last Saturn return?? An amazing psychic astrologer, who I admire, also lost her writing mojo last year at the same time and has been reactivated by these eclipses, so validating this yoyo craziness!

Everything is timing and there are no accidents!!! Teeeheeee!

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