Belonging vs Loneliness

1059467_368729593249333_1633070359_nThis is a very powerful time as the coming Full Moon in Leo illuminates the Mercury retrograde and issues and people come back into our lives.

I had a very “dark angel” experience in the library while doing some research. A young volunteer approached me, this happens every time I go to the library or anywhere for that matter. She told me all about her dark experience at 6 years of age as a psychiatrist experimented on her with drugs, electric probes ect. She is 24, off the meds, living on her own now yet approaching strangers in the library (especially those who remind her of her mom who she holds responsible)¬†to repeat her childhood horrors because she is haunted by her past.

She is not crazy just damaged. She is extremely smart yet stubbornly remaining in victim mode : talking herself in circles trying to make sense of her senseless childhood.

There is nothing to do or say until a person asks for help. Yet, we all are looking to belong to something or someone. We all need to connect with others and in our loneliness reach out in odd ways, sometimes to our own detriment if our heart is not connected to our mind.

This is the time to revisit, with compassion, those times we connected with others who misguidedly dragged us out of our integrity because we were lonely and wanted to belong to someone or something.

Until we see our lack of faith in the Divine spark within us we are just a mind muscle, our hearts seldom involved in any of our relationships.

Until we face and embrace our shadow selves, forgive ourselves and others and let the past go we are not whole.

Gaia is shifting and moving into a higher vibration. Let’s get to work so we can move up with HER!!

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