Boom! Boom! Boom! There is soooooooooooooo much evolutionary fire ablaze!!!!



We just passed the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Virgo which planted the new energies for the rest of this year 2015. Shakeups continue as many important planets go direct, we head for the Autumnal Equinox, Super Blood Moon in Aries Lunar Eclipse and a heavy Mercury retrograde! POW!

Could there be more going on in the sky???What does all this mean?

Flow with the changes as this month and next turn into an energetic rollercoaster. The inner clearing work is mandatory now and if we are not diligent in listening to our own Angelic Guidance Systems, AGS, we will be detour material. Many people, places and things we thought we wanted will turn into the very people ,places and things we do not want. We are moving fast and need to jettison outdated thoughts, feelings, possessions and even those people in our lives that no longer support our growth.

Slow down. Getting caught in the dramas of those around us will be a challenge at this time. Breathe and take as much persona time as possible and make that a new habit.

This can be a magical time for those who are psychonauts: pioneers of consciousness. The dimensions of time are shifting and we can flow with them as they reveal the splendors to come.

Virgo demands our attention this month as Gaia speaks loudly and clearly if we walk on Her barefoot. This can be a time of needed grounding as so much is happening in the stratosphere and we are being bombarded with information. To make practical use of this time, make space to listen. This could be as easy and peaceful as star gazing or hiking in nature.

Let’s really enjoy the party of these Fall energetics. Let’s make some solid commitments to do good for ourselves, others, the planet and all conscious being on it, in it and above it.

Dance, Sing, Make Art, Make Music, Make Love, Play!!!

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