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With 5 planets retrograding, including Mercury, and the Full Moon in Scorpio amping up the discord, we are seeing the ramifications of the wrong type of guardianship of our planet.

These are exciting times for the conscious and trying times for those who refuse to see the results of their actions. The boomerang effect!

This whole year is a purification and completion of this nine year cycle. To start a new cycle many things that no longer work have to go! This may mean a variety of things ranging from toxic thoughts to toxic relationships to toxic oil spills.

We as a species are evolving whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. Change IS upon us.

There is alot of angelic help all around us if we tap into it though meditation, quiet walks in nature, music, dance, painting, singing, writing and any creative endeavor that takes us out our left brain. With all this retrograde activity, we are guided to use our right brains more. This is how we receive Divine messages.  This keeps us sane in insane times and builds brain strength so we can soon operate using both sides in tandem.

This is a powerful year, so to use it well becomes an art form in itself. As the Tibetans say: Eat half as much, Walk twice as much, Laugh three times as much, Love endlessly!

Blessings to you.


Astrological New Year



We have entered into the beginning of the astrological year with the New Moon in Aries cycle. The energy is high as this is a supermoon and the astro- aspects are intense. This feels more like a full moon and heralds in an intense 12 month period where our actions will speak so much louder than our words.

We are entering a critical period of choice, personally and globally. How much do we care about our planet and all life upon it? What really matters to us? Are we all connected and does every thought, word and move we make reverberate through our world?

As with all new moon cycles, we can lay out our desires and see them come to fruition as the month progresses. More than ever, clearing the mind and heart of past transgressions is imperative. This is a never ending task, yet unburdening ourselves becomes easier as we learn to let go.

Meditation helps us to clear our minds and add space to our being. Alone time connects us to ourselves. Nature helps us to heal our minds and souls and connect to the Divine. It is here, in this state of connecting to the Divine, that we finally understand the concept of letting go. It is here that we receive guidance from the Divinity within ourselves. This takes time and determination. With practice it allows us to lead with our hearts and our souls. It is deep connection with our Divine selves.

Please make our deepest desire to lead with compassion and love as we move forward into this highly karmic cleansing time. Those around us will need our peaceful energy and kind words to help them choose wisely and move into a more harmonious vibration.

Let’s shine brightly and feel the myriad of blessings coursing around us.

Spring is here! Love, lighten up and laugh alot!

Rising in Love



Wow! This is an exceptional March 2016 with a supermoon in Pisces, two eclipses, and the Vernal Equinox! That also includes all the amazing action in the skies aka the communion between the planets.

Chiron, the wounded healer is well placed in the midst of all this Pisces activity. Identifying, accepting and moving through our core wounding is the deep work of the next six month period. Some believe if we can identify our wounds, the energy is dissapated and falls away.  Like popping a bubble, the Aha moment can be healing in itself!

We are challenged to become whole beings capable of rising in love as opposed to falling in love.  Falling in love is a dream state where we walk unconsciously through our lives. Rising in love is a fully conscious state, facing reality and growing through it. No longer ‘in love’, we become love!

This is a new concept for many because there is no possession, addiction, competition, jealousy, neediness or any unhealthy components to rising in love. The key is to learn how to relate to each other and dissolve the notion of a relationship which is actually destructive because it entangles. A relationship ties everything into a box trapping both people with expectation.

Since this eclipse cycle involves moving into healthy relationships, let’s all contemplate; Being in Love as opposed to Being THE Love!  This is a maturing, majestic, revolutionary movement into healthy relating.

Pisces is an extremely emotional, deep flowing energy where we must give in to our most creative impulses. Trying to control these powerful feeling energies is seen by the Universe as resistance and hard times result.  Big changes are on the horizon and there is only one way to deal with them. Flow, embrace, anticipate the best, move with the Divine as the tides are guided by the moon cycles.

Rising in love is the next level of human evolution.

Blessing to you!

Mystics without Monasteries



There is a growing population of mystics living in your town, neighborhood and even in your home! We are all evolving to become mystics living a multi-dimensional existence.  Mystics see the magic in the world through communion with the Divine.

This very full moon in Virgo illuminates this fact and the science behind it. We are being propelled toward the first eclipse season with enormous full moon energetic boost and constant sun flare activity.

This is a very magical time. February 25- March 6 is a staging arena where we may feel some tension and overwhelm yet, if we give in and flow, we will experience high magic in our lives.

Working the Virgonian values is so ripe that we are constantly confronted with the choice between perfectionism and the ability to flow, discrimination and judgment, working to pay the bills and true service, abundant health through positive thinking and health challenges enhanced by negative thinking.

Staying grounded is paramount as we hurtle toward the eclipse season. Checking in with ourselves to walk barefoot on the earth, breathe deeply or just rub our knees when we feel light headed are simple habits to incorporate during our day.

This is a powerful year of completions that uses the Chinese Fire Monkey symbol to make humor and joy the high road to complete this last year of a nine year cycle of evolutionary proportion. We can use the Virgonian values to anchor better choices for ourselves as we move into the next cycle.

Root into the messiness of life for there lies the magic! Land in your body because this is a systemic and practical revolution of consciousness.  We are moving to higher dimensions and taking our bodies with us!

Let’s also work on our psychic hygiene. This means monitoring how stimuli, aka television, cable, movies, radio, facebook, twitter, books, newspapers, blogs etc affect our energy. Are we energized or depleted after doses of the above? It is very important to balance this technological era with the natural world. Virgo is an earth sign so celebrating Gaia whenever possible is the magic of this astrological sign.

Remember as we travel into the higher concept of Oneness that all life is golden. Many blessings!

Fire Monkey Business




Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle entering into the Chinese new year of the fire monkey. Radical changes are acomin!

Expect the unexpected. Release all expectations and flow.

This is going to be an exceptional year for manifestation so work on your visioning habits now. Plus, creative ideas run rampant through our brains so to ground them in reality is the challenge this year. This is not a year of hard edged planning yet a more fluid time of letting ourselves be guided by our growing intuition.

After a slow start in January, we are now gathering speed as we course toward the eclipse season next month. This month of February sets the stage for rapid changes to honor this year of completions. A nine year also brings in the harvest of goals we have set in motion previously. The synchronicity of the 9th Chinese character, the Fire Monkey, makes this a potent year for realizing our full potential if we let go.

Letting go means having faith that we are being guided by our own soul intuition so there is no need for control. We are able to flow with change and have learned to ride the energetic currents. We are one with life instead of trying to resist and control it.

There is also Karma attached to a completion year. Mostly, repercussions of choices made previously that are not on our soul path. Some are the endings of soul contracts we made in other lifetimes. This is an important year. We may find many people, places and things falling away. A clearing on the soul path makes for more room for better choices, better lives, new potentials, new alliances, new hopes and dreams.

This year is animated and fun if we keep our sense of humor and see the crazy of our own making! We are in full throttle mode for massive leaps in evolution, new ways of being and lighter energetic bodies. Yet, first we may have to do some damage control.

Let the energy build so we can crescendo into a more harmonious vibe. The angels are with us, more now than ever. Trust! Have faith. Laugh and have fun! Meet magic on the Hero’s Journey through the Cosmos!

Planting Seeds





Reflective Action


Starting off the year in Mercury retrograde is often an indication of a highly charged energetic year. The slow down happens to prepare us through reflection for the rest of the year.

Let’s ask ourselves this!

What is the one behavior that we could change, this year, to benefit the whole?

By now, we have received enough information to understand that we are all connected. Every being on this planet is dependent on every other being. The planet Herself, is our home and exists as a sensitive entity interacting with those living on her, within her, and around her. We have truly been gifted with this life!

Instead of making lots of New Year’s resolutions that we cannot keep, committing to one healthy change, no matter how small, could make a serious difference in our own lives and the life of our planet.

Choice is the final frontier.

There are less people eating meat now. More application of alternative power that benefits the planet. Free education for young people is a growing worldwide trend. Government funds for building small homes for the homeless is growing. Protections for wild animals is worldwide. Aquariums are releasing orcas and circuses are releasing elephants. Private funding has appeared to to keep wild lands pure. Recycling is the norm and whole businesses have been dedicated to repurposing plastic. People are spending less money on stuff and more money on traveling. We are planting alot of trees worldwide.

We are making a New World, and the New World is molding and morphing us.

This will be challenging yet satisfying year with four Mercury retrograde periods to mark our progress. Every few months we are asked to slow down and question our actions, words, and thoughts. We will need this time to realign our purpose, walk our talk, know ourselves more intimately, reflect and keep track of our progress.

Energetically, we are being ramped up yet again. Solar flare activity is monumental. Planets are lining up. Cardinal crosses fly though our skies. As above, so below.

Let’s plant seeds now to blast off this year.

The Cold Moon




The last full moon of this year, 2015, is called the Cold Moon. This is traditionally the coldest and darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. The illumination of light by intense darkness is strong now! It is the time we connect with the natural world on a deep level to bless and celebrate the fragile balance between the kingdoms of the Earth.

Celebration and nurturance of the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms is not complete without the blessing of the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

Mastery of and co-creation with the elements is imminent at this time.  This is our destiny as an evolving species.

The amazing gift of the full cold moon on Christmas Day is one of reverence to the natural world. This rare event will not happen again for many years. We are blessed with forthcoming abundance and harmony as we take up the call to unity for the coming years.

Many new green technologies bless our lives as we honor our true home, Gaia. We are shining our light bravely through the cold dark nights into the bright future of our now.

Being one with the natural world creates the luminosity we crave as universal travelers.


The Dark Winter Moon





The last new moon of 2015 illuminates the gateway for 12/12.  Another powerful synchronicity of this time!  We are constantly reminded by star language to step up to the plate.

This truly dark winter moon bides the season of gestation, the circles of death and renewal and the celebration of stormy weather.

We are blessed with new dimensions above and below, new deepenings of emotional strength and new ways of being that honor all life everywhere.

This new moon in Sagittarius propels us closer to the center of our own consciousness and closer to the natural world as it heads into the darkest past of winter: The Winter Solstice!

The 12/12 gateway is seeded with the question: Where is our love? Where is our passion? Where is our soul leading us?

We anchor the peaceful energy on Gaia by remaining grounded in our own hearts, by remaining kind in the face of unkindness, by acting humane to the inhumane.

We are building and growing our own integrity of spirit. As this year winds down, our growth is needed and necessary and celebrated.

This new moon in Sagittarius is beckoning us to move forward with pride. We have been challenged and met the call with wit, fortitude and courage.

Let us accept ourselves so we can move forward without resistance.

Let us add a jingle to our step. Tis the season!

The Turning













As fall turns into winter, the full Gemini moon has us thinking, over thinking, reminiscing, ruminating and rummaging through our minds like irritating gremlins.

This is The Turning.  It slows us down to enjoy the snuggly winter months. Yet, first we must pare down and dump the unnecessary accumulation of outworn ideas, goals, people, places and things.

This winter is especially important as we are being challenged to mature spiritually. This moon illuminates the reunion of humanity and nature, heaven and earth.

This full Gemini moon tests our resolve to remain focused yet go with the flow and trust our inner guidance.

Sagittarius is the gateway to our evolutionary goals and it is here that we refine ourselves and connect with Spirit.

Let us embrace The Turning as a time to renew our being, as a time to became more of ourselves, as a time to honor what has gone before, what is Now and what may come.

Let us calm the mind and go within as much as possible over the next two week period.

Let random acts of kindness fill our days.

Scorpio New Moon









As we move into the New Moon in Scorpio phase, it would be wise to remember that this time has been called The Reckoning. It is an extremely karmic phase that cleans out the cobwebs and clutter from our lives and may very well slice right thru 2020 in some ways.

We are evolving, moving with Gaia up through the energetic dimensions to reach the Golden Age.  We are entering a dynamic growth period yet we must move through some upheaval first.

This new moon in Scorpio is preparing us for a deepening of purpose. Renewed commitment. Steadfastness amidst The Reckoning.

For those who have prepared emotionally for this crucial time, great blessings will wash over us. We are well placed to help others understand and maneuver in these somewhat kaotic times.

Connecting with our Angelic Guidance Systems (AGS) as much as possible through meditation, nature contemplation, yoga and water is necessary, comforting and powerful.

For those of us experiencing fierce power struggles personally, professionally and globally, extending calmness into these situations is the order of the day.

The major question of this extended phase is ~ Where do I place my energy? Prioritize.

Connecting with our AGS brings about miracles and ease. Let us flow into the abundant NOW!