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How to Talk to Your Angels- Step One

This is one of the most important forms of communication. Intuitive synchronicity in real life depends on the belief that your angels are always with you, for indeed they ARE always with you.  They are waiting for a sign from you for their help and guidance. Establishing regular, even daily, communication is more important now than it has ever been in this world. The main reason is evolution and achieving it. The next reason is ease and happiness in this life.

Many of you only try to communicate with your angels when in a state of emergency. By this time, your vibration is so low that you cannot really hear or feel spiritual guidance or any type of help from angelic beings.  You must learn to raise your vibration.  There are many ways to do this-

Meditation/ Yoga

Clean eating/ Fasting

Gazing into Crystals

Daily walks in Nature in Silence

Daily Random Acts of Kindness


Vision Quests

Water- Swimming Slowly

Slow Silent Cleaning

Raising your vibration on a daily basis is the first unavoidable step to being in constant communication with your angels and their divine guidance.

When I first decided that I wanted a way to communicate with my angels, I decided that a sneeze would confirm my last thought. I had no allergies and never sneezed so I concluded that a forceful one would be a message. I had many an AHA when this seemed to work yet it was random and sometimes I could not remember my last thought. This was not reliable enough for me. So, I started to experiment. I suggest this for you.

A form of meditation and clean eating must became habits then you can begin asking for specific signs from your angels. Many of you think you can skip these steps yet you want divine guidance, loving guidance from the highest vibration. You must match that vibration to hear it, feel it, see it and know it.

Start here.  I will post more information in a few weeks. Blessings to you all!


Good things are happening!

It’s Not a Fairytale: Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest

Forget meadows. The city’s new park will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for the taking.


By Clare Leschin-Hoar

February 21, 2012

Hungry? Just head over to the park. Seattle’s new food forest aims to be an edible wilderness. (Photo: Buena Vista Images/Getty Images)

Seattle’s vision of an urban food oasis is going forward. A seven-acre plot of land in the city’s Beacon Hill neighborhood will be planted with hundreds of different kinds of edibles: walnut and chestnut trees; blueberry and raspberry bushes; fruit trees, including apples and pears; exotics like pineapple, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, and lingonberries; herbs; and more. All will be available for public plucking to anyone who wanders into the city’s first food forest.

“This is totally innovative, and has never been done before in a public park,” Margarett Harrison, lead landscape architect for the Beacon Food Forest project, tells TakePart. Harrison is working on construction and permit drawings now and expects to break ground this summer.

The concept of a food forest certainly pushes the envelope on urban agriculture and is grounded in the concept of permaculture, which means it will be perennial and self-sustaining, like a forest is in the wild. Not only is this forest Seattle’s first large-scale permaculture project, but it’s also believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

“The concept means we consider the soils, companion plants, insects, bugs—everything will be mutually beneficial to each other,” says Harrison.

That the plan came together at all is remarkable on its own. What started as a group project for a permaculture design course ended up as a textbook example of community outreach gone right.

Friends of the Food Forest undertook heroic outreach efforts to secure neighborhood support. The team mailed over 6,000 postcards in five different languages, tabled at events and fairs, and posted fliers,” writes Robert Mellinger for Crosscut.

Neighborhood input was so valued by the organizers, they even used translators to help Chinese residents have a voice in the planning.

So just who gets to harvest all that low-hanging fruit when the time comes?

“Anyone and everyone,” says Harrison. “There was major discussion about it. People worried, ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’ That could very well happen, but maybe someone needed those blueberries. We look at it this way—if we have none at the end of blueberry season, then it means we’re successful.”

Speedy Manifestation for 2010

Things are speeding up yet again. We have had a six month period of blocks and frustration especially for fire signs and anyone with fire placed in the big three positions- sun sign, moon sign or rising sign.

Leo moons have been excessively angry especially if they have gotten used to instant manifestation. Mars , who is the bad boy retrograde at the mo, restationed to move forward on March 10th, yet there is a delay period until the Vernal Equinox.

Then, Mars blasts forward and we all can take off with his help. There is fire in the whole once more!

You are probably wondering why we had to finally surrender and give up the fight. Well, for fire signs one of the biggest lessons of this new millennium is NOT to muscle it.

That energy is sooooooo over now! We all have to learn to vision, refine and vision some more BEFORE we act.

So lets get to the point here. The simple steps for speedy manifestation are:

  1. Define your intentions and commit
  2. Go into Nature and ask for Divine Guidance!
    This step has been left out by many. Yet, in 2010 it is imperative to work with Nature, Mother Earth, angels, and faeries. Basically, we are moving and merging into the fourth dimension and all the ethereal beings that exist there are chomping at the bit to help us! So, lighten your vibration and stay naturally high. Sing, dance, paint, walk in nature, laugh alot!
  3. Outline your steps.
  4. Take action and embrace community.
    We need each other more now. We must find trustworthy friends and support to hold visions for us. This will speed things up even more.
  5. Be of service. This is something to think about because this is the millennium of sacred service. How do you fit in? What can you contribute?
  6. Then allow everything to change because it will. Be flexible and be open to better ideas, things and people appearing than you ever imagined to help you toward your true goal.
  7.  Finally, make sure what you intend and commit to makes you happy right now because you must be joyful in creating so the blocks becomes simple challenges and you are energized to face and move through them.