Dive Deep

2c1a386d00b74e286ff88428a2a0e133This is another energetic rush. After having a Big 3 energetic upgrades in a month, what can we do except allow, accept, laugh, dance and sing our way through more changes.

We have two months, May and June 2015, of the Mercury retrograde influence as the pre-retrograde shadow has been amped by this amazing moon. The afterglow of the mercury retrograde will carry us through the rest of June. So let’s use this energy to our advantage!

Let’s take these two months to revisit some goals we have not been able to get done for one reason or another. Let’s dust some things off and find the beauty in them again. This includes people, places and things. Let’s not be rash in discarding, discounting or disapproving. Let’s look with objectivity while taking things less personally.

This refinement of our charged emotional state is challenging during this heightened and intense Scorpio Full Moon. Yet, we are up for the challenge!

Get plenty of rest. Let’s really take care of our bodies. Let’s realize that our bodies are the most amazing thing we will ever own. Let’s pare down, simplify and learn how to focus in the midst of kaos.

As we travel in this new vibration of UNITY with all beings, let’s be grateful for every little blessing our way. This is the way our lives become a constant prayer of gratitude.

Dive deep into your emotional body and let go of the past because we are movin on up!

Blessings to you.

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