Earth Day 2015






Now we are on the new moon cycle, entered the beginning of the astrological year and have set our intentions for 2015, the fun begins!!

We now have a grand opportunity to practice staying in the 5th dimension or prophesied Golden Age. Oh yes, it is already here just waiting for the mass consciousness to enter by raising Gaia’s vibration.

The interesting news is that all the other kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal, are far beyond us in the vibration department. We, the human kingdom, are the ‘wild card’ factor because balance is needed within our kingdom. Most of us are still swinging the pendulum!

The great news is that the growing multitude of awakened souls ARE going to create the hundredth monkey syndrome and tip the balance of humanity into the fifth dimension. The energetic quickening is helping us!

The past is done and over. Let it go in gratitude!  We all live in the LOVE~ly Now. Let’s set our intention for every moment. What we experience depends on ourselves. We co-create every moment with our Higher Selves; the spark of Divinity within each of us. Even the mundane can be overlit by glorious intention so our day is magical.

Going outside everyday and speaking aloud to everything you see, touch and hear could be an enlightened practice for all.  This includes acknowleging our angels and guides as we gaze into the glorious skies.  Those who have chosen to safely sungaze will find the energetic speedup is empowering us even more with this amazing practice.

Let’s stay very connected with Nature, our master teacher and guru for this millennium! Earth Day is Every Day! Blessings to you!

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