Fire in the Sky



Blood Moon:  Total Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra.

The keywords for this time are balance, choice, crossroads, gateway to the 5th dimension, focus, relationship: concern for others versus self-absorbtion, authenticity, objectivity: respond versus react and release of anything that does not serve the highest good, personally and globally.

A Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse. The name is identified with the coppery color achieved by a low hanging moon colored by the reflection of light from the sunrise and sunset around it.

This is one of a rare grouping of four Blood Moons on or close to Holy Days alerting us to the magnitude of the speedup of evolutionary processes on dear Gaia at this time.

Thinking with our hearts enables us to flow with these intense changes more easily. Having faith in ourselves, and the Divinity within us, is key to letting go of control issues which are the basis of all dis~ease. Underneath severe control issues lies fear, the absence of love.

So, the challenge, as we move forward, is to love ourselves, everyone and everything MORE! Observe each person and experience, as it or they come, without judgment and love our way through them or it!

We are learning to LOVE COMPLETELY.

The higher vibrations now entering Gaia are no longer nudging us, they are pushing us, molding us, moving humanity forward with intense, artful, evolutionary instruction.

Let’s learn how to listen to ourselves, others, our angels and guides, nature and the cosmos. Listening IS Love!

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